10 Cars Everyone Buys When They Make Their First Million!

OMG February 22, 2018 By Hugo

We all dream of one day earning enough money to afford ourselves a better life, and though one's definition of a better life is subjective, it can often mean buying a home outright, going on holiday more than just once a year and even making sure our parents never have to work again.

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For petrol heads, however, earning more money means only one thing: better cars. And we're not just talking about the mid-range cars. We're talking luxury SUVs and sports cars. In other words: The types of cars that will only ever be the preserve of the rich and famous.

With that said, here are 10 cars everyone usually buys after they have made their first million.

1. Range Rover Sport/Vogue

The gas-guzzling monster is seemingly the SUV of choice for every Premier League soccer player and pop star, with the luxury SUV's two models, the Vogue and Sport now synonymous with not only overpaid soccer players but pretty much anyone with large wads of cash and little care for pollution levels.

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But while they may be bad for the environment, they're super comfy and boast a plethora of interior features, while drivers and passengers have the added benefit of enjoying an inbuilt massage feature, assuring you a smooth and calming ride.

2. Cadilac Escalade

Like the Range Rover but arguably more garish and in-your-face, the Cadilac Escalade is to Hollywood celebrities what the Range Rover is to British soccer players.


Built with a host of interior features, which often come kitted with TVs and surround sound systems, this road-hogger is bound to have a VIP in the driving seat- especially if the windows are tinted.

3. Ferrari 458

Every child- at least at one point in their childhood- wished they could one day drive a Ferrari because it's a car synonymous with glamor without being ostentatious like the Lamborghini. 

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Those fortunate enough to have a spare million to play with will usually be hard-pressed to pick just one model, but in recent years the famous 430 Spyder has taken a back seat for the more sleek and lustrous 458. Still available as a hardtop convertible, the Ferrari 458 is arguably Italy's answer to Britain's esteemed Aston Martin models.

4. Aston Martin DBS

Aston Martins ooze style, and have an understated yet highly head-turning appearance that has long made it the car of choice for the fictional Ian Fleming character, James Bond.

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Typically a coupe but with convertible editions available, the DB9 is a go-to car for those wishing for a sports car without the constant glare that a Lambo might bring, though the DBS has that added wow-factor that makes every die-hard Bond fan foam at the mouth. 

5. Lamborgini Aventador

Lamborgini Aventadors are all the rage at this moment in time thanks to their extraterrestrial-like appearance, and after being the car of choice for Bruce Wayne in the last instalment of the Dark Knight Trilogy, sales on this beast rocketed. 

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That said, this car isn't cheap- even for those with a $1m in the bank- with starting prices usually around a whopping $350,000. 

6. Porsche 911

Porsche 911s are frequently the cars of choice for those keen to bask in their newfound wealth, with everyone from overachieving estate agents and midlife crisis bankers buying one of these beauties at one time or other. 


Yep, they have a reputation for attracting douchebag drivers, but with easy-to-drive features and a long-term endurance matched by few other sports cars, 911s are a great investment.

7. Bentley GT

This blingtastic motor is another vehicle on the list that has proven popular with athletes in recent years, and though they may not look as cool as an Aston or Ferrari, they're far from average. 

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In fact, most Bentley GTs come equipped with many luxury features, all while possessing the most powerful v12 engine Bentley has ever produced. In their very own words, the GT is where "supercar speed meets handcrafted luxury."

8. BMW X6

An alternative to the Range Rover, the BMW X6 is not much different to its aforementioned rival other than it looks slightly less snazzy and seems to be more focused on the family market despite many young, wealthy people buying them.

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Nonetheless, this comfortable cruiser has all the trappings of a bachelor's car, with a top speed of 155mph and luxurious leather seating all but assuring the driver will be more than happy to stomach the ridiculously high starting price of almost $75,000.

9. Audi Q7

David Beckham's favorite car is as much a hit with soccer moms as it is with global sporting superstars, and with ample space for those all-important leg stretches, the Q7 has long rivaled the Range Rover for the accolade of best luxury SUV.

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Still, quite why a young millionaire would need that much space is anybody's guess but each to their own and all that jazz.

10. Audi R8

Continuing with the German car manufacturer, Audi R8s have proliferated in popularity in recent years because they're at a price range which isn't as off-putting as that of a Lamborghini or Ferrari whilst still looking good- if not better- than said rivals.


But with a starting price of around $155,000, this car is still very much limited to the Justin Biebers of this world. 

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