Post Malone's Annual Spend On Fast Food Is Beyond Excessive

OMG October 29, 2018 By Hugo

When it comes to food, even the thriftiest of savers can sometimes succumb to throwing a few hard-earned dollars at a massive pigout. After all, fast food is one of life's greatest guilty pleasures.

Shutterstock/ Ben Houdijk

Still, we can't eat like kings every day, so you're bound to have the odd period of eating pretty basic stuff. Well, unless you're Post Malone.

While the American rapper is already conquering the world with his chart-topping music, Post also appears to be winning the "I'm too lazy to cook, so I order expensive food instead" contest.

According to the delivery app Postmates, the White Iverson hitmaker spent over $40,000 on food, grocery and alcohol in the last 12 months alone.

A member since 2016, Post's extravagant dietary demands were recently profiled by the app, who are no doubt proud to have him as one of their star customers.

The app detailed that Post had ordered over 3,000 items and made 660 purchases in 52 cities.

Whopping up a total of 289 different takeaway outlets, Post seems to have a thing for Popeyes. At Coachella alone, he ordered $8,000 worth of biscuits for a party of his, as well as $850 on party supplies, making for all the hallmarks of a good host.

With such expensive tastes also come a plethora of fortunate delivery drivers. In one instance, he is thought to have tipped one lucky driver an unreleased record.

For now, however, we're going to end this article due to suffering from an onset of major Popeyes cravings.

Live well, fellow reader, and eat even better than a white American hip-hop artist.

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