Hilariously Awkward Wedding Photos That Will Make Your Day

LOL May 31, 2018 By Hugo

Everyone dreams of that fairytale wedding, and whether you're an old romantic or a perpetual naysayer, you'll still want nothing more than to marry the love of your life in a saccharine ceremony, and it's for that reason that a wedding should be an unforgettable experience. 


However, weddings don't always go to plan. Here, we'll take you through the wedding photos that are beyond hilarious and in some cases, incredibly awkward. 

Handsome and the Beast


Photos are sometimes captured at a peculiar angle and in the case of these newlyweds, one of their wedding photos appeared to suggest the bride had semi-transformed into a horse.

Forget Disney's Beauty and the Beast- these two are the real deal. 

Making a splash 


Weddings are supposed to be packed to the brim with breathtaking and romantic photos, but as this photo proved, they can also be a recipe for disaster. Getting 19 people to stand on an unstable bridge is just asking for trouble, but maybe that was the photographer's plan all along!



Brides spend hours looking wedding-ready for their groom, so if you mess with their look- even accidentally- she isn't going to like it one bit!

In this photo, a guest accidentally treads on the end of her dress, which her beautiful hair just happens to be attached to! It's safe to say she screamed the place down. 

The most spectacular of wedding cake fails


This poor bride must have been embarrassed and distraught when her husband clumsily cut the cake with an axe as a joke!

The video was probably intended to capture a lighthearted moment, but the cake wasn't strong enough to remain stable once the blow was landed. Cringe!

Satan would be proud


We're no experts in theology, but we're sure weddings are a social construct that Jesus himself created to rule out greed and lust, but this scary couple proves you can be both evil and married.

Satan himself made an appearance; he was rumored to be the best man. Naturally, he turned up late. 

"Till Death Do Us Part... Until A Gorgeous Woman Walks By."


Boys will be boys, but this married fellow really messed up! If you're going to look, at least distract your wife first! What an amateur. 

The worst wedding cake in history? 


We've seen some pretty awful wedding cakes in our time, but this feces-like abomination of a cake has to be the worst.

In fact, it looks like a big fat turd with a rat's tail. Not romantic in the slightest!

When a schoolboy error almost costs you your marriage


While this may appear funny, it's also highly disrespectful! Sure, the cat is being cheeky, and in the context of a 'funny wedding photo' it is actually quite amusing, but it's also incredibly disrespectful to both these beautiful newlyweds! 

Bad kitty! 

When your wedding attire is different....


Weddings are often criticized for being uniformly boring and drab, but one thing you can usually bank on is the bride wearing a killer dress. But what's going on with these outfits?

Clearly going for a more urban vibe, the lazy, childish fonts emblazoned on their clothes (particularly the 'wifey' part on the bride's bum) look truly awful!

Before it, all went wrong


Whether this is intentional or not isn't known, but if it is, this bride chose the wrong people to attend her wedding! 

The stains from that coffee aren't going to be pretty. But love conquers all, right?

Gone with the Wind


Unlike the romantic, American civil-war drama Gone with the Wind, this bride was quite literally gone with the wind when a massive gust lifted her dress and covered her face!

Amused, the groom can only laugh, just like the millions of people who have seen it online. 

Windmill Gate 

Rumble/ ViralHog

A wedding taking place in Ontario, Canada on August 14, 2009, could have ended in tragedy when a windmill knocked one of the groomsmen to the floor. In a moment of idiocy, the men climbed onto the windmill for a photo opportunity, but it soon turned comic. 

As one of the groomsmen scaled the railings, the blade flicked him to the ground. We shouldn't laugh, but we can't help it. The dude got knocked over by a windmill!

Not so stable


As we've said before, having a wedding on an unstable walkway is never going to end well so in the future you might want to skip that verdant landscape with an ocean view and book a cheap church service instead!

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