This Dog Owner Has A Unique Gift

OMG March 16, 2018 By Hugo

Dogs aren't easy to train because just like children, they're naturally stubborn and don't like being told what they can't do unless you reinforce each act of obedience with some reward. 

YouTube/ Barcroft TV

For Augusto Deoliveira, however, a bad-ass Brazilian dog trainer and owner of five German Shepards, teaching his furry friends how to be upstanding citizens is second nature to him, and he proved this by getting a friend to film him and his obedient clan in action.

Sticking to him like glue, the pack look like they're joined at the hip, and it's a glowing testament to Augusto's excellent skills with dogs. 

So if you're having trouble getting your dog to sit, let alone follow you on the pavement without a leash, then why not take a leaf from this dude's book?

To know more about Augusto, he has over 12k fans on Facebook and also runs a popular YouTube channel which details everything about his dogs, from what he feeds them to training methods that any dog owner can use on their own. 

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