This Orangutan's Reaction After Watching A Magic Trick Is Priceless

LOL March 6, 2018 By Hugo

Orangutangs! Don't you just love them? If they're not making funny faces or reminding sons and daughters of their resemblance to their moody, ginger fathers, they're normally doing something else that's equally as hilarious, and this timeless clip proved.

YouTube/ Simply Fit

Filmed in a Barcelona Zoo, a man holding a white plastic cup is filmed sitting opposite the caged cutie. Placing the cup down and opening the lid, he reveals a ball, and after a quick shake leaves it to stand before opening the lid only to reveal that there is nothing inside!

Perplexed, the orangutan does nothing for a good few seconds before rolling on the floor with a beaming smile.

We know the clip is quite old, but it's a classic and will hopefully get you through the remainder of your day.

Watch the full video here and share with your friends if you think they could do with a little cheering up!


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