Judd Apatow Recalls Hilarious Tom Cruise Story

Celebs August 2, 2018 By Hugo

As well as universally being deemed one of Hollywood's most recognizable actors, Tom Cruise is also considered an extraordinarily strange man.

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From his sofa-jumping antics on America's then-most watched talk show to waxing lyrical about a religion many have branded a cult, it's fair to say Tom is a fascinating character and Judd Apatow's recent story about a meeting with the star in 2007 with Seth Rogen proves this yet again.

Such is the detached reality of megastars, Judd Apatow, the brainchild behind many of Hollywood's funniest films and shows, revealed to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show that Tom Cruise had no idea what porn was.

"Just cause it's Mission: Impossible weekend, I did once have a meeting with Tom Cruise," Apatow recalled. 

"He's a very, very nice man I got asked to meet him. He was potentially looking to do not an action movie, a romantic comedy. 

"I said to Seth Rogen, 'I have a meeting with Tom Cruise. You have to come with me. 

"And no one knew who Seth was. He wasn't famous so he was just a dude with me and so I said, 'Someone needs to witness this.' So we're talking to him, and I don't know how it came up, but it usually comes up with Seth where he's talking about marijuana and pornography. 

"And he starts talking about watching adult films on the Internet, and Tom Cruise goes, 'What? Wait, you're saying there are adult films on the Internet?'"

Yes, in a story that is Hollywood-worthy in itself, America's most famous face had no idea that you could view people making love on a computer.

"Seth's like, 'Yeah, there's all these movies on these websites," Apatow added in what has to be one of the show's most bizarre moments.

"And Tom Cruise's like, 'Wait a second. You're saying if I go on the computer, on the world wide web, there are people having sex?'

"Seth goes, 'Yeah, I watch it all the time. It's great. Everybody does it. It's not a big deal anymore'. So anyway no movie was made."

Oh to live in the Hollywood bubble! 

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