Pokemon Go Creators Confirm They Are Working On A Similar Harry Potter Project

OMG November 9, 2017 By Vincent

Do you remember the summer Pokemon Go as released? People went mad for it and for about a month people were walking about with their heads down desperate to catch virtual animals in the real world using virtual reality technology as the game tapped into a sense of both nostalgia and excitement about new developments in gaming but the craze soon subsided and now only a handful of dedicated fans are still on the app but it made a big impression and a lot of money.

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Now the company behind the game, Niantic, have confirmed they are working on a similar project but using the Harry Potter franchise as a basis. Titled Harry Potter: Wizards Unite the game will use the same augmented reality gameplay used in Pokemon Go but that is about all the details known about the game so most other information is just speculation but it could be very interesting to see how this game would pan out.

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With Warner Bros. also behind the project the rights to the film imagery have been acquired and the game will be released in 2018 but although we know it will be a similar set-up to Pokemon Go, exactly how this will work is yet to be seen, presumably players will collect and improve spells in order to battle opponents and possibly even one another.

Speculation as to a game like this featuring utilizing the Harry Potter franchise has been rife for some time now but this is the first time it has been officially confirmed and is likely to make the most of the promotion around the latest Fantastic Beasts film that will also be out next year and takes place in the same universe as the Harry Potter stories.

Undoubtedly this will excite Potterheads but whether it will be enough to encourage casual fans to start playing will depend a lot on the quality of the game but the Pokemon Go app is noted for being buggy and suffering from needing constant updates so hopefully, Niantic can address many of these issues before their next big release.

What do you think of this news, another great game idea or cashing in on a gimmicky technology and an aging film franchise? Let us know in the comments below.

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