This Plane Spotter Almost Lost His Life, Wait Till You See How

OMG June 1, 2018 By Hugo

Plane lovers, trainspotters, petrolheads, they all have one thing in common: they'll go to extreme lengths to capture that perfect shot. But surely this man's close shave with death tops the efforts of all other automotive enthusiasts. 

YouTube/ StoryTrender

The incident was caught on camera by an unknown person and shows the man in question dicing with death as the landing plane skims his head just seconds before reaching the runway. Remarkably, the plane enthusiast continued taking photos as if nothing had happened!

The Gustaf III Airport runway, which is located in the Carribean island of St. Barts, is known for being one of the most dangerous in the world and regularly sees videos of incoming planes navigating the tricky landing go viral.

Just seconds after the incident, the aircraft came within millimeters of a passing motorcyclist!

Surely there should be some form of regulation?! Or at least ban people asking for a death wish? 

Watch the insane video for yourself by clicking here and let us know if you've had a similar experience in the comments section below.

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