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15 Photos That Hide A Secret

OMG December 12, 2016 By Vincent

Sometimes you see a photo and don't recognize all of the detail in it straight away. It takes a good few glances at it or maybe even some time of prolonged exposure to reveal a new piece of the puzzle it is showing you. This can lead to some hilarious and scary results and change the whole reaction to the picture.


Here we show a group of photos that will provoke a different reaction once you find the hidden secrets.

1. Where's The Best Man

In what initially looks like a standard bridal shot, the best man has gone missing but if you take a closer look, he is there but paying an homage to a favorite children's book character that also regularly goes missing. That's right, we're talking about Waldo.



Still not found him yet? Top left folks ;)

2. Secret Admirer

You may think that it was a secret admirer who sent these pretty sunflowers but there also seems to be a hidden fan of the flowers themselves peeking out from underneath the curtain behind them. What is it they say about curiosity? Hopefully, it's not the case this time.


We're pretty sure that this ended in them being knocked off the table, though.

3. New Student

In what initially seems like a perfectly normal photograph of a class, inside a lecture hall, see if you can spot the unlikely student at the center of this shot. We're not sure what the class is but considering the fees you have to pay for college you'd have to be barking to miss out on a lecture and this keen scholar is not going to pass up the opportunity.


That being said, someone told us that they found school a bit...ruff.

4. Grounds For Divorce

In a story that is reminiscent of model Hannah Thompson (pictured) shaming her superstar basketball player husband Klay Thompson after she came home and caught him in bed with a groupie.


With a wife who looks this gorgeous, why would anyone want to ask for a divorce? But, in a story that has been circulating the internet for some time now, a man surprised his wife at home and took a photo of her in their bedroom as she was reading on it .Although not looking all dolled up here, she is undoubtedly very good looking but, after studying the picture closely, the husband divorced his wife.


Yes, that's right, if you look in the bottom right-hand corner of the bed, you can see the face of a man hiding away.


5. Cute Cubs But Where's Mom

Most people know that wild bobcats are not to be messed with but when the cubs are so small and cute it seems unlikely they can do much damage and, at this size, it is true that they are cuter than they are dangerous and so if you saw a group of them in your backyard, playing by the pool, you might be inclined to go out and pet them but do resist the urge.


With a litter of them at this size, mom can't be far away and if you look to the chairs in the background, you'll see she is keeping a careful eye on them...and you too, so just stay indoors and admire them from there.

6. Double Denim

It is widely considered a fatal fashion faux pas now and so you don't see many people wearing double denim these days and so this woman is clearly very brave rocking the denim jacket and crop top look over her jeans but on closer inspection of her legs, is she actually wearing that get-up.


In a very weird twist of perception, it would appear this woman is actually leaning on a mannequin.

7. Three's A Crowd

What looks like a nice picture of a couple enjoying their time at the tennis is actually a little bit more than that, in fact, it is a whole person more than that as there are actually a trio of people looking at the camera in this snap but can you spot the third person who has snuck into this photograph?


That's right, in the center of this couple is a cheeky child poking their head through the gap they've left.

8. Man-Bun

Has this woman just tied her hair up to frolick in the sea whilst at the beach? Well, at first glance, it certainly seems as though this is the case but take a closer look and it looks as though her high ponytail actually has a face to it and then you might realize that she hasn't got a ponytail at all.


Just a case of timing, a gentleman has walked right behind her at just the wrong moment.

9. Cold Feet

As this couple kneels at the altar to receive the blessings for their wedding ceremony, it is almost impossible to see how they are feeling about the big moment but if you study the groom's attire closely you may see that he may feel as though he was rather pressed into the whole situation.


Of course, we hope this was rather a joke on his part as opposed to him bearing his...er...sole?

10. Double Take

A stunning shot of this beautiful owl sees our feathered friend take center stage as they stare with their deep , black eyes right through us in a very composed and elegant pose but it is not just this wonderful white owl in this photo but another bird who seems to be caught unaware.


Over the white owl's shoulder is another owl looking rather surprised to be in a photograph and is hoping no one notices them. Sorry buddy, the secret is out now.

11. Christmas Spirit

In what just looks like a nice shot of the Christmas wreath hanging on the front door, someone has decided to show off their Christmas spirit with their craft skills , unbeknownst to them, they are being photobombed all the time and it won't be until they look at the photo later that they will realize.


Behind the door someone is grinning from ear to ear, face partially obscured by the ribbon the wreath hangs from.

12. Thirsty Work

Wanting to show off your new back tattoo that is usually hidden behind your long hair, why not take a carefully posed selfie where you've swept your hair back and out of the way, made yourself up and got the perfect pose so you can see the whole thing in all its glory as well as your face?


Well, if you do manage to do that, you may also want to make sure your dog isn't taking a drink out of the toilet bowl as well.

13. Peek-A-Boo

Just three friends posing for a lovely picture together. Yes, definitely just three friends and not four, why? Can you see someone else trying to get into the shot? Yes, in between the friends, someone has snuck their face into the photo so as to make sure they are included in all the fun.


Still can't see them? In between the two girls shoulders us where you should be looking.

14. Nice Fringe

We've all had bad hair days but perhaps not as bad as this one is about to get as this girl may look as though her hair is a little frizzy at the front but take a closer look and...yep, that's definitely a massive tropical spider just blending into her hair as though it is supposed to be there.


That is one time you do not want to be running a comb through your hair when it is looking a little scruffy.

15. Lurker

There is only one cat in this photo as it stares out of the window, probably looking for their friend. Little does it know that its friend has their eyes on this kitty at all times, 'eyes' being the key word here as, if you look into the dark recess just behind the ginger tom, you may be able to spot two little emeralds peeking out.


That's a little bit creepy, isn't it.

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