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29 Photos of Silly Dogs That Will Make Your Day

LOL February 17, 2017 By Hugo

There are two things 99.9% of the world's population love: dogs and the Internet. That, ladies and gentleman, is a fact (albeit an alternative one) so to feed your palpable thirst we've managed to compile some hilarious photos of dogs doing completely random things. 


1. It seems construction workers come from a variety of different backgrounds....

Working in construction is no easy gig, and between liaising with workers, engineers and making sure the building you're overseeing doesn't tumble to the ground, you're also on your feet all day. Well, unless you happen to be this cool pooch.


Strolling around like it owns the place, this dog may not have a clue what he's doing, but when you're a golden Labrador, the world is your oyster.

2. As do receptionists 

Dogs are known for being lithe and obedient, so it's no surprise recruitment officers have taken a liking to the breed.


Better still, they're incredibly useful in stressful situations, as this beautiful Dalmatian demonstrated.

3. As well as sharing many similar characteristics to humans it appears some are also taking on the physical appearances of hairy men

Nowadays dogs may as well be humans, such is the love owners have for their four-legged friends, but one owner was a left a tad confused when she woke up.


Finding her dog spread across the bed, it's legs and bum could easily pass for a hairy man's. 

4. There are moments in life, even for dogs, where everything gets a little too much

Modern-day life is stressful beyond belief, and there are many people who, after being told by the person they really love that the feeling isn't mutual and that their employment is coming to an end, simply can't do anything but shout to the heavens lamenting their existence.


But hey, it could be worse! You could be a dog who can't verbally express his disdain for life and is instead mistaken for being a happy pooch.

5. Some dogs need a little cheering up every once in a while

This dog doesn't look in the least bit amused with their owner's playfulness but with a coat that saggy it must be hard for the owner to resist! 


And the results are brilliant! Just look at this pooch's face! It looks cartoonish and heavily melted from the morning sun.

6. The cutie who needed to hold hands when watching Netflix

We all get a little lonely at times, even when we happen to have the good fortune of sitting next to someone we love, so it's little wonder this clingy, but oh so adorable dog felt the need to remind his Netflix-viewing owner they were still there.


Who says you need to have a partner to cure loneliness? 

7. Looking dapper for your first day at work

Everyone needs to dress to impress on their first day at work, and fluffy little pooches with ashen fur are no exception to that rule! 


And thank god they aren't, as look how cute the darn thing looks! Don't you just want to cuddle him silly?

8. The annoyingly happy dog and its twin

Is it really possible to be that happy? I mean, unless your creepy owner smiles every day and tells you that frowning will result in an eternal stay in hell....


Whatever the reason, you can't help but laugh at this dog's goofy grin. 

9. The dog who isn't afraid to tell people how he feels

Everyone wishes they could be more visceral and honest when displaying their emotions but if you're a chill dog with little care in the world other than food and exercise, then it seems complimenting people's butts is commonplace. 

Whether he had a heart attack when Kim Kardashian approached him, is yet to be confirmed although reports say he later died in hospital.


10. The dog who admitted defeat (while wearing a pink bandana)

Perhaps this photos sums up Monday mornings best. Forlorn, hopeless, uninspired... We could go on, but we think we'd be doing this lachrymose doggy a disservice if we did.


So simply gaze into its eyes and make sure to include this poor old pooch in your prayers! 

11. Every dog has its day

It seems that at least once in a dog's life, they will see their dreams of becoming an influential New York fashionista come true, and that was exactly what happened to this pampered pooch.


Looking every inch the superstar, we're guessing she was on the way to Vogue's New York offices to do a fashion shoot with Mario Dogtino. 

12. Sleeping is life until you hear the ice cream van

Is there anything better than an afternoon snooze? We think not, which is why we can't help but see a little bit of us in this adorable pooch, and even more so when he opens his eyes to the only thing in life that is worth getting out of bed for... ICE CREAM! 


Sleeping will still always reign supreme, but we can bet a million dollars this dog enjoyed his ice cream.

13. A fawn finds a new friend

Anyone who's seen Disney's tearjerker Bamby will know that fawns are one of nature's greatest inventions, but then again, after seeing this photo, you'll have trouble to find the beauty in anything else!


After all, a fawn and a protective canine make for a viewing experience that is almost Oscar worthy in its pathos and sentiment.

14. Three's A Crowd

These gorgeous siblings just wanted to say hello to the outside world so much that they've been given special head holes to see what's going on beyond the end of the garden.



They're all friendly furries and just want to watch the world go by so don't forget to say hi if you're going by because they'll really appreciate the gesture.

15. Making Introductions

"OMG, HI! We just moved in next door, and I wanted to come to introduce myself. I'm so happy that you are our neighbors and I'm sure we're going to have lots of fun together."



This pup may be upside down, but they know what's up and just wants to play with everyone because they deserve to have fun.

16. Desperate To Say Hello

It's a tight squeeze but totally worth it just to get a ruffle between the ears for all the hard work put into saying hi! This doggo knows they shouldn't be there, but they also know that they will get away with it because they're just being friendly and it is good to make people smile.



If only they could figure out how to get back out again.

17. Greetings From Across The Street

"Hey! My humans say I can't leave the house, but that's okay because I can just wag at you from over here. I hope you're having a great day because I sure am now that I've seen you. I just wanted to see what you were up to, was it coming to see me?"



Extra strokes for this champ who was a good dog for obeying commands and yet still managed to say hello.

18. Derp!

"I just wanted a kiss, but this silly fence seems to have gotten in the way. It's a little awkward, but I'm going to try anyway."



"If you would just come a little closer I can reach you. I'm so darn happy to see me, nothing can get in the way of our love...yes except the fence of course. Well, I'll just stick my tongue out, and you can pretend we kissed."

19. Peekaboo! I See You

This little ball of fur has spotted you and is not letting you get away without a tail wag and a stroke of the head. Oh, gosh, they're so happy they managed to see you and grab your attention, it's just a story of great emotion with an ultimately happy ending told in just three images.



Amazing! Three cheers for this champ.

20. Hey Kids

This curious canine was just saying hello to their young friends when you rudely interrupted with your camera and that's why you get some fretful side-eye.



It's okay, though, once they are finished hanging out with these guys I'm sure you can become friends too, there's plenty of wags to go around, just don't be so selfish next time.

21. Is This A Bad Time?

Dogs just have so much love to give that they don't want to be without their humans for any period of time, even if it means that they become curious about what they are up to at the most inopportune time.



At least it is good to know that they will never leave your side and these two just wanted to know they're human was ok.

22. So Happy To See You

This dog will stop at nothing to say hi, and no fence is going to prevent that, they will just smash right through because they are just too excited knowing you are on the other side. Don't worry, their human will fix it later, they love repairing things where doggo has gone to say hi.



Super strength and a super smile.

23. Why Don't You Come Over Sometime?

This poor little pooch hasn't seen you in awhile and just wants to let you know that they are always there if you need someone's ear to scratch or want to play ball. They'll be there for you with wags at the ready, hoping you're having a good day.



Drop by whenever you're free; we have kibble and lots of bouncy balls to chase.

24. 'Sup, I'm Just Chillin'

"Me, stuck? Nah, I'm just chilling out in this tiled wall. It's my favorite place to hang out. Haha, get it? hang out?



Never mind, it's just good to see you pal, fancy coming over later and spending some time in the wall? Yeah, sounds good, err...don't suppose you could just give me a little push before you go, though? Thanks."

25. What's On Your Side?

This woof knows that the grass isn't always greener on the other side, they just wanted to check it out just in case. Yeah, their side is pretty cool but what's that down the street and where are you going?



Nah, not jealous at all just waiting for my humans to come back and play, in the meantime seeing who else is out there.

26. When Your Friend Is A Hugger

This happy chappy is clearly a hugger but his friend seems less convinced and may just want a bit of his own personal space.


Still, it's nice when a buddy shows their affection for you.

27. Just Being Happy

Look at this furry friend, he is just so happy about being outside because he is a nature lover and he loves walkies.


Have you ever seen anyone happier at just being in the great outdoors? Us neither!

28. Shake It Off

This floof is a massive fan of Taylor Swift and is just trying to 'shake, shake, shake it off' because they don't need no haters.

Carli Davidson Pet Photography


Also a big fan of Snoop Dogg apparently. That's what we heard anyway.

29. Photobomb!

Not content to let the family have all the fun, this doggo got in the way of a group shot because why wouldn't you want to include them?


The look on their face as they are caught out though says it all. He knows he's in trouble.

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