9 Photos of Floyd Mayweather That Proved Money Can't Buy Class

OMG March 28, 2018 By Hugo

Floyd Mayweather's 50-0 win record is highly impressive, and he has become one of America's most successful boxers thanks to a defensive style of fighting that not even superstar Manny Pacquaio could overcome.

YouTube/Curioso EnLa web

But here's the thing. If you were going to describe the all-conquering fighter in just one word it probably wouldn't be a complimentary one or even one befitting of his boxing achievements. Instead, words like much-maligned, douche and criminal will probably spring to mind because, as much as people can appreciate his awe-inspiring talent, fame and wealth go to some people's heads more than others, and in Floyd 'Money' Mayweather's case, that couldn't be truer. 

To prove this (not that you probably need us to) we've compiled 9 Floyd Mayweather photos that we think highlight his irrevocable crassness to a tee.

1. The time he showcased his 'rare & exotic tiger'

First things first: no one should keep these endangered animals as pets, and Floyd sure isn't the first one to brandish his 'exotic' animal about, but that still doesn't make this photo right. Just look at the poor thing. It's chained to a lead just so the boxer can showcase his latest 'gift' to his millions of Instagram followers.


Unsurprinslgy, Mayweather was videoed in March being barely able to control the domesticated beauty when in a UK hotel room, leading the pet charity PETA to release a statement, part of which called on Mayweather to be a real champion and return the tiger. "PETA appeals to Floyd Mayweather to be a real champ for animals and allow his "Christmas present" to be moved to a wildlife sanctuary."

Let's hope he listens!

2. Everytime he sports his own-branded TMT hat

No one likes a showoff, least of all those who don't know when to quit telling us about how wealthy they are. But, hey, apparently that's the image that makes 'Pretty Boy' Floyd so appealing, and he even has his very own brand of apparel called TMT, which is an abbreviation of the incredibly original name, The Money Team. 

YouTube/ Dani De

But for someone who's worth an estimated $650million, you'd think he'd have made some sought of effort to make the hats look half-appealing.

3. The time he got a head rub 

There are some people in life that you just want to have a stern talking to and in the fighter's case, we feel as though his private life should remain private as opposed to letting the world know how great his head rub is.

YouTube/ Jd Jd

But hey, head massages are pretty damn nice, so we'd probably have one every day if we were all thoughtless millionaires.

4. The time he let everyone know how many pairs of unopened trainers he had

It appears Moneybags has a thing for Adidas Originals trainers, which is quite surprising as for the most part, they're incredibly stylish and cool, two things the boxer will never be. 

YouTube/ Dani De

That said, he owns more pairs of them than we ever will, as he proved by posing in front of many shoe boxes in a room we expect is one of many. 

5. The time he was pictured abroad a private jet counting his money

If it weren't for his braggadocious persona; this photo could almost pass as innocent. 

YouTube/ Dani De

But it's Mayweather we're talking about here, so we can only presume he threw wads of cash in somebody's face shortly after the photo was taken.

6. The time he purchased a Bentley golf cart

So maybe he isn't such a douche after all! Why? Well, he did get his son a Bentley golf cart for his 15th birthday, and what 15-year-old wouldn't want a frickin' Bentley golf cart laden in pure gold?

YouTube/ Complex

That said, we reckon he did so to allow for yet another jarring photo showcasing his innumerable wealth. Oh, Floyd! When will you learn a thing or two about taste!

7. When he burned a $100 bill

Most of us visit clubs to wither away in self-pity at the prospect of waking up for yet another round of the 9-5 grind two nights later, but champion boxers, or at least Mayweather, seemingly use them for only one thing.

YouTube/ TMZ

Yes, that's right: burning their money.

8. When he wore a hideous fur coat in Moscow

After achieving a 49-0 winning record following a relatively routine victory over Andre Berto, the boxer announced his intentions to retire from the sport and soon embarked on a world tour, taking in breathtaking sights as lavish as Monte-Carlo and as tropical as Bora Bora. Of course, in fitting Mayweather fashion, he also sported an array of garish outfits nearly everywhere he went.


However, Moscow's outfit choice was certainly the most unusual, not only because it made him look like a male version of Cruella Deville but also because it just looked really crappy.

9. When he took $50k to a strip club

If you live in the warm cocoon of showbusiness, you soon forget what's it like to be an ordinary folk, but even by this guy's brazen standards, you'd think he'd know not to take $50k with him to a strip club.

YouTube/Curioso EnLa web

But then again, who are we to judge? I mean, I feel much safer writing about this guy on a computer than I ever would saying these things to his face. So do what you want, Mayweather! 

But yea, you have no class, and this photo proves beyond any reasonable doubt that you never will.

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