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10 People Who Took Xmas Way Too Seriously

Weird December 19, 2016 By Hugo

Christmas gets us in the mood for many things and smiling at strangers and emptying your bank account so you can buy gifts that no one will like are just two of many wonderful things synonymous with the season.


Yet even with those realities in mind, some people's festive appetite doesn't need to be whetted by movies or songs. Judging by these examples, they are Christmas and appear to have lived and breathed it in the knowledge that some day a website would profile their dedication. So with it being the time of joy, we and OMG Lane have decided to make their wish come true and showcase their ardent displays of Christmas love.

Here are ten people who took Christmas way too seriously. 

1. The guy who wore a sleeveless Christmas suit

We get it: Christmas jumpers are all the rage in December, but just because they're awful and beautiful in equal measure that shouldn't allow people to accessorise an already dreadful garment and make it worse.


But this guy did. In fact, it's not even a jumper. It's more akin to a suit with skiing penguins yet he looks happy so we can't exactly fault him. But maybe add some sleeves next time? Just a thought...

2. The couple who had one another's faces emblazoned on their jumpers

If you're a married couple at Christmas then good for you. You're probably happier than most of us, and when Mud's It Will Be Lonely This Christmas comes on, you won't run the risk of crying your eyes out as you eat dried turkey. Even then, that's no excuse to parade your love by wearing jumpers with one another's face stitched on.


1) It looks creepy. 2) They look like characters from a Stephen King movie and 3) they ruined two beautiful pieces of knitwear.

3. The man who posed for a photo with a toy baby and a Christmas-jumper clad pug 

Even if you take the ominous-looking toy baby out of the picture, you're still left with two awful pieces of festive clothing, and the mood on the poor pug's face sums up the true awfulness of this photo.


But seriously, what's the deal with the baby? It's got an impressive afro and all, but come on Mr I Love Christmas More Than You, you've been creeping your dog out for too long!

4. The person who drove this car

Cars generally turn heads if they happen to be expensive and fast, but in this case, it was the car's bright and beaming Christmas lights. 


Admittedly, it doesn't look too bad, but why anyone would want to draw that much attention to themselves is baffling. Oh wait, people are often self-obsessed so now it makes sense.

5. The family who took home the biggest tree in the forest

Having a dazzling and eye-catching tree is something even the biggest of Grinches could appreciate. After all, a real and taller tree often makes a living room ten times more attractive, but unless you live in a Grecian-like mansion, chances are a tree the size of the one below won't be a good idea.


Unless they're related to Jesus Christ himself. In that case, they're probably really rich and have a house that reaches the clouds.

6. The guy who scared his family for life by wearing a hair-raising Santa costume 

Maybe this guy got the wrong date? Either that or he was inspired by Tim Burton's fabulous Christmas classic A Nightmare Before Christmas and decided to continue Burton's reign on festive terror in his house. 


With that said, it could just be an awesome Santa costume that unintentionally looks like something a sadistic Christmas killer would wear.

7. The women who festively decorated her breast

It's supposed to be funny, and to some, it might even be gut-burstingly so, and to have the audacity and courage to pull that off is worthy of any applause. Still, it's terrible at the same time. 


And by terrible, we mean she probably won't be getting an invite to next year's Christmas party if the other person's expression is any indication.

8. The dude who styled his hair so it could accommodate five different hats 

We're not sure whether we should praise his effort or recommend he get admitted to a local hospital so we'd rather be more diplomatic and say it was a radical outfit that got people talking.


But seriously, four hats for only five spikes? Now that's lame.

9. The person who decorated their bathroom in all things Santa Clause

Saint Nicholas had swag; there's no doubting that. One only has to look at the perfect colour contrast between the red and white robe to see such a truth. But thousands of years later, and with Santa Clause now his adopted name, people have decorated jumpers, cars, wrapper, ornate trinkets and every other thing under the sun with related to him. But few have taken their love for him to that displayed in this bathroom.


Sold online, the set comes with everything you could need when doing your business, just in case you were thinking of buying one, that is...

10. When this woman wore an awkward Christmas jumper

We're all about saving the best until last at OMG Lane, so it's only fitting we now include the worst Christmas jumper of all time. And yes, it really is the worst. It's a fact, especially when you look at what's at the bottom. 


What makes this more cringeworthy is the complete lack of awareness this woman has for the jumper's phallicness. She probably thought she found herself a decent item without realising there is a pair of blue jungle balls hanging right below a pointy orange stick.

Dear oh dear....

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