People In Peru Celebrated A World Cup Qualification Goal So Hard That It Set Off Earthquake Alerts!

LOL November 17, 2017 By Vincent

The joy and sorrow that sport can bring is often unmatched, regularly misunderstood and can bring out unstirred passions in people that you never thought previously possible and nowhere is this more evident than in Peru when their nation scored a goal on their way to World Cup qualification.

The FIFA World Cup is the world's biggest sporting event and qualifying for the soccer tournament it is a prestigious event in a nation's history. The South American nation of Peru hadn't qualified for it since 1982 until victory over New Zealand in a play-off place changed all that and the celebrations were so raucous that they set off earthquake sensors around the capital city of Lima.

It was all to play for after a 0-0 draw in the first leg in New Zealand but when the return fixture saw Jefferson Farfansmash home a shot 27 minutes into the match, at that exact moment Sismo Detector (Earthquake Detector) - an app designed to warn people of impending natural disaster - released an alert that an earthquake had been detected in Lima. This could have been disastrous in a city of nearly 12millon people with many of them at home to watch and urge their team onto victory but Seismology Chile, a Twitter account related to the app Sismo Detector quickly pointed out the error when they tweeted out:


 "INCREDIBLE | Sismo Alert Detector would have activated in the District of Lima due to the celebration of Peru's goal to New Zealand."

The account said that the 'earthquake' detection occurred "at the exact moment" of Farfan's goal, and that, apparently, "the emotion of the Peruvians made the application activate" with the "ground vibration generated by the fans".

In short, so many people roared, shouted and humped up and down in jubilation that the seismic activity in the city detected was comparable to an earthquake. The was less activity when the team dubbed 'The Incas' scored a second in the 65th minute all but confirming their qualification thanks to Christian Ramos' strike.

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Peru was the last nation to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia outdoing many bigger nations with a far more prestigious history in the tournament such as the USA, Italy, and Chile. If you're team failed to qualify but you're still intent on watching, we've written about the perfect team to support here.

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