Parrot Confuses Itself For A Fruit And It's The Funniest Thing Ever

LOL September 14, 2018 By Hugo

Haley, the Indian Ringneck parakeet, is going through an identity crisis because the bright colored birdy believes it's a banana!

Shutterstock/pusit nimnakorn

In a video that has already left thousands of people in stitches, the self-proclaimed banana looks adorably into the camera and confesses that he isn't quite who he appears!

The footage was taken on September 4 in Singapore and records the cute little thing chomping away on some food before revealing his secret identity.

“Tweet, tweet, tweet, I’m a banana,” the parrot admits, and with his gorgeous yellow coat, we can see why it would be mistaken for one. 

However, if we're looking to rain on the parade of Haley, it's worth pointing out that its pink beak and neck might pose a few problems if it were actually to be taken seriously as the much-loved fruit.

However, with the way the world's going at the moment, and with everyone seemingly confused by their own identity, Haley has every right to believe that it's a fruit!

In all seriousness, the owner of this parrot knows an awful lot about comedic parrot training. I mean, how much spare time does this dude have?!

Watch the hilarious video below and let us know in the comments if you've ever trained your pets to do something as silly as this!



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