Paramount Snatch The Rights To Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

FUN FACTS October 3, 2017 By Vincent

Sonic the Hedgehog is an international cultural icon, one of the first poster-children of video gaming and a franchise of massive proportions. His unique blue hue has made him instantly recognizable along with his bold persona and ability to run at super speed (hence the name). In the 90s he dominated almost every medium after making his name as a video game icon and comic books, animated TV shows and even types of candy became his domain.

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However, over the past two decades, the blue blur has never had his own movie which might seem a little odd given that video games have become fodder for Hollywood in recent years as they have targeted different stories with an already established fanbase to guarantee money. However, movies based on video games are notoriously sketchy when it comes to their quality and do not have a great track record often missing some of the finer points of what makes the games so great or completely altering the characters and storylines to suit the cinematic storytelling process better (remember the Super Mario Bros. film?) and since it hasn't always been plain sailing for the miscolored mammal and he had his ups and downs in more recent memory perhaps this is the reason a feature film has never starred the rapid rodent.


In 2014, Sony announced they had won the rights to make a Sonic The Hedgehog film with it initially slated to be released in 2018 but any other information about the project being thin on the ground and so time went by with nothing new coming out about the movie.

Now it appears that Sony has had second thoughts about further pursuing the project which allowed for other studios to swoop in on the rights and it would appear that Paramount have come out on top in order to shoot Sonic and apparently they have taken many members of the crew who were already working on the project under Sony with them. As it stands, Deadpool director Tim Miller is an executive producer and Jeff Fowler, who previously wrote and directed the 2005 Academy Award-nominated best animated short, Gopher Broke, will make his feature directorial debut with the Sega video game adaptation. Toby Ascher, Dmitri Johnson, and Dan Jevons will also serve as producers.

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With no official plot points about the movie being available yet, it is being reported that film will be a blend of live-action and CGI as it tries to capture the speed and attitude of the original character who was introduced onto the world stage in his very first video game in 1991 and continues to front a hugely popular franchise to this day, selling over 360 million titles on various platforms.

So it remains to be seen if a film can and will be made from the premise of a super fast hedgehog who collects gold rings and if it will be one of the first decent video game movies to hit our screens. We sincerely doubt it but as massive Sonic fans, we hope we can be pleasantly surprised.

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