10 of Wrestling's Bad Guys Who Are Actually Super Nice

Celebs December 19, 2017 By Vincent

Most of us are aware that the most prominent forms of professional wrestling are usually choreographed stage shows, and the dramas and rivalries don't really pertain to real life but are actually akin to something of a soap opera. That aside, we still throw ourselves fully into the love and hate of these characters created and so when we see the villains we are inclined to be terrified or dismissive of them, but here we look at a few of them, that are actually really nice people.

1. Edge

Not so much an out and out villain character, but anyone who followed the WWE period in which he reigned, he was an opportunistic, arrogant character with a bit of an attitude problem. In short, a jerk! But outside of the ring, he has always been a pretty affable and approachable guy who always made time for his fans.

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That aside, Adam Copeland (the name he goes by in the 'real world') now spends most of his time volunteering in the Toronto Food Kitchen. Copeland has given his time and money to WWE Tribute to the Troops, Be A Star, the I Have A Dream Foundation, Wrestlemania Reading Program, Sports Celebrity Festival for Special Olympics in Canada, March of Dimes Canada, Make-A-Wish, Headlock on Hunger, Dreams Take Flight, and his own Thanksgiving charity called Turkey Tours for Thanksgiving and Christmas. All good stuff! 

2. The Undertaker

Again, not an out and out villain character, and often playing heroics in the ring, but the whole shtick with The Undertaker was that he was an embodiment of death, all dark leather, and creepy music, etc. and he spent the late 90s and 00s terrifying kids! (Not intentionally, that would be weird but as a by-product of just being a scary guy).


In reality, Mark Calaway is not actually obsessed with death is actually involved with charities such as Cheyanna's Champions 4 Children charity, which offers money for families whose insurance doesn't cover the cost of life-saving treatments. He also donated his iconic motorcycle to benefit the America's Mighty Warriors Project and SPUR Compassion Ministries of Lake Hills Church in Austin, Texas. He himself started the Zeus Compton Calaway Save the Animals fund to provide low-income families with finance for vet bills that they wouldn't have otherwise been able to afford.

3. Kane

A demonic character who plays evil and clearly enjoys doing it, Kane is supposed to have links with the devil and the underworld and, as a masked figure, he is imposing and terrifying. That said, he loves to spend time with the fans who keep him there due to their fervor for his dark antics.


But he plays on that outside of the ring and uses his well-known persona to subvert expectations when he enters charity dancing competitions or flips burgers in a paper hat in his home state of Tennessee, for programs like Faith to End Hunger in Knoxville.

4. Chris Jericho

A bit of a heel in the WWE roster, Chris Jericho rarely played the kind of guy you'd want to hang out with on the weekends but he has never made any bones of his commitment to charity or being decent toward other people outside of the ring.


Involved with Quantum Leap Farm, which helps people with mental and physical disabilities by providing equine therapy, he also paid for a former colleague's funeral when a GoFundMe page was set up for the family who couldn't afford the fees. Jericho paid the full amount of $2,500 and posted, 

"Rex was a good guy who was always good to me! Hopefully he has found peace and is with the Lord now. -CJ."

5. CM Punk

Moving away from WWE and into UFC in recent years, when wrestling CM Punk was a loud mouth with an obnoxious temperament but he didn't carry this over to outside dealings and has stepped up to the plate for friends and charities in many ways.

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When fellow wrestler Joey Mercury was going through serious financial and drug problems, CM Punk paid off the debt on his house and helped him get off drugs and re-signed for WWE thus re-launching his career. He has also auctioned off his very first car for C.J. Wilson's Children's Charities and bowled for the Kerry Wood's Strike Zone Celebrity Bowling Tournament to help the Organic School Project, whose goal is to help kids make healthier eating choices. 

6. 'Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase

Playing a multi-millionaire who would bribe opponents and taunt fans with his wealth, the character was over the top and played to perfection for the vitriol, but the man himself is actually an ordained minister and now devotes his time spreading the gospel.

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He specifically focuses on helping underprivileged children and has made documentaries to raise awareness of their plight and has been directly involved in helping care for children at Batson Children's Hospital in Mississippi.

7. Marc Mero A.K.A Johnny B. Badd

As his ring name in WCW suggested, he played the bad guy with, as his very title suggested, pure evil delight but his alter-ego is far from the truth of the man.


Mero founded Champion of Choices, an organization devoted entirely to helping stop bullying and tours the USA as a motivational speaker who focuses on this very subject so that children can gain a level of self-confidence.

8. Nikolai Volkoff

The 80s were a weird time in professional wrestling and, seizing upon the animosity to the Soviet Union during the cold war, WWE (WWF then) created an evil communist character who hated America by throwing Croation Josip Peruzović into a fur hat and sweater with "U.S.S.R." emblazoned on the front.


In 2015, he set out to raise money for the WWGH Radio Education Fund by talking with fans and signing autographs, but he is also heavily involved in his local community and charities where he has volunteered as a Help Leader at the Police Athletic League center in Cockeysville, Maryland for years. 

9. Natalya Neidhart

Cocky, conniving and mean-spirited, Natalya Neidhart made a name for herself as the ultimate villain of the sport who would do anything to win.

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However, when it comes to helping out her fellow human being, she is not content to just do it from her own backyard and has flown to Rwanda to spend time in United Nations camps, distributing Malaria nets and saving lives. She has continued to raise money for the cause long after her trip there.

10. Alicia Fox

Playing a villainous diva role on her debut in Smackdown, Fox made a name for herself by becoming the first and only African American Divas Champion in WWE history.

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Fox joined forces with her in the ring nemesis Natalya Neidhart as the pair flew out to Rwanda to help prevent the spread of malaria by handing

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