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12 Of The World's Longest Journeys

FUN FACTS October 13, 2016 By Hugo

Human beings make journeys every day of their lives, but there are some journeys which are so long you'll barely believe they are in operation. And these journeys aren't only undertaken by train or aeroplane. There's the world's longest escalator in Russia and an elevator ride in Dubai which would leave you wishing you'd taken the stairs.

Here, we chronicle 12 of the world's longest journeys that would leave us all asking, "are we there yet?" 


1. The World's Longest Commercial One-way Flight

Going away on holiday is always exciting but getting there can be quite the opposite. After all, a 9 or 10-hour flight can get the better of even the most patient of souls, but that's nothing compared to Fly Emirates' 8580-mile flight from Dubai to Panama City.


Launched in February, the flight time is approximately 17 hours and 35 minutes, officially making it the world's longest one-way commercial flight, an accolade previously held by QANTAS' 15-hour and 45-minute-journey from Syndey to Dallas.

2. The World's Longest Cable Car Journey

Cable cars aren't typically associated with long journeys, but this 13.km ariel tramway going between Örträsk and Mensträsk in Sweden is the exception to the norm. Originally constructed to transport buckets of ore, the rope conveyor has since become a major tourist attraction due to its verdant setting and record-long distance.


The cabins can seat up to four people and travel at a speed of 10kmh, which takes the overall travel time to an hour and 45 minutes, with a designated bus waiting at the other end to take people back. 

3. The World's Longest Bridge

Driving across a bridge frequently involves going at a fraction of one's normal speed and praying you don't steer into the sea and die a long cold death so you can get a sense of what it's like to drive across China's Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge.


At 102 miles long, this high-speed rail between China's two main cities, Beijing and Shanghai, is the longest of its kind although only five miles of it spreads across the majestic Yangtze River Delta. Still, that's 102 miles of non-stop travelling with no petrol or service stations in sight. This trip isn't one for the faint-hearted.

4. The World's Longest Train Journey

While most will tell you that the Transiberian Express departing from Moscow and arriving in the far-Eastern Russian city of Vladivlodstock is the longest train journey in the world, they'd be wrong.


In fact, that accolade belongs the 6346-mile train journey from Moscow to Pyongyang, North Korea. However, the little-known about journey does not permit foreign travel and as such the Transiberian Express is often touted as the longest public train ride. 

However, if we're basing it simply by distance, then neither of those would win. The longest in recorded history was the 8,111-mile cargo train which journeyed from China to Spain.

5. The World's Longest Straight Road

Driving for long stretches can be strenuous and tedious but few will ever know what it's like to drive in a straight line for 162 miles.


Dismantling the record once held by Australia's famous 90-mile long Eyre Highway, Highway 10 in Saudi Arabia is by far the longest so bring a few of your favourite Taylor Swift records, or you may just find yourself dying of boredom.

6. The World's Highest Escalator 

Escalators can get seriously steep, and there's one in London's Angel tube station that is a staggering 60m high. That, in itself, is a nerve-wracking experience but in the grander scheme of things it doesn't even come close to the highest.


Instead, that accolade belongs to three competing metro stations escalators in Russia, St. Petersburg, with the highest rumoured to be a staggering 137m. Going up wouldn't be a problem but going down....

7. The World's Highest Elevator Ride

Dubai is a state which knows no bounds and over the years their buildings and structures have wowed many and disgusted others with their bold ambition. Their tallest building, which holds the record for being the world's tallest as well, is the 2717-foot Burj Khalifa.

Unsurprisingly, to reach the top of the large building is no easy feat, and though there are stairs,(for those that fancy an early heart attack) customers are advised to take the lifts. Because of the 163 floors, the elevator, travelling at speeds of 22mph, can reach up to 1655 feet high. But the building’s emergency elevator is even longer and reaches almost 1900 feet. 

8. The World's Longest Zip Wire

Zip wiring is a fun holiday activity, but you'll be hard-pressed to find many people wanting to put themselves forward for this one.

Located in Copper Canyon, Mexico, this 1.6-mile zip rider reaches an overall drop of 1,450 feet and judging by the video a; we're presuming that many of you would rather spend your holidays sipping cocktails on the beach than scaring yourself to death.

9. The World's Longest Staircase

Nobody likes taking the stairs and thanks to modern-day technology we have lifts to keep us unhealthy and fat. But there is one race in Switzerland that dispells that myth.


Located on the face of Mt. Niesen in Niesenlauf, Switzerland, the 11,674 staircase makes it the longest in the world but is closed to the public for 364 days a year. But for one day, the climbing the stairs is permitted thanks to the world- famous staircase race, which participants from all over the world can apply for. With an overall distance of 3.4km to cover, the vertiginous course isn't for the unfit, with the record for the fasted finish currently standing at 1 hour and 2 minutes for men and 1 hour and 9 for women.

10. The World's Longest Canal Trip

China's historic Grand Canal is recognised as the world's longest canal with its overall distance a staggering 1,100 miles. 


The UNESCO world heritage site starts in the capital Beijing and ends in the city Hangzhou although 500 miles of the route between Hangzhou and Jining is barely navigable due to the high number of cruise and cargo ships. 

11. The World's Most Extensive Subway System

At over 340 miles long, Shanghai’s metro system the longest of its kind, and second largest regarding stations.


As China's oldest subway system, the government has ploughed billions into its re-development, but its record could be overtaken by Beijing's network, who plan to expand their subway to around 406 miles by the end of 2016. Technically, Seoul’s 600-mile system is the world's most extensive, but multiple companies run the network .

12. The World's Longest Ferry Journey

While there is no official record in this category, the title of being the world's longest ferry journey could well belong in Norway.


Sailing between Bergen and Kirkenes, the 1,500-mile journey typically takes up to 12 days for those wishing to return.

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