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Hilarious Texts People Have Sent When Drunk

LOL November 4, 2016 By Hugo

There comes a time in every person's life when they must deal with the painful repercussions of last night's drunk-texting. And whether it was an expletive-laden message sent to the boss at work or a declaration of love towards an ex, re-reading them the next morning can be one of the worst experiences in life. But they probably weren't half as bad as these.

Handpicked from across the web, these cringe-inducing messages are the worst of the worst and serve as a warning that while alcohol can make you feel free and uninhibited, it can also come back to bite you the following morning.


1. The Loving Friend

We all have one friend who can't help but go on about how much they love you on a night out- even if you're not with them.


So what do they do instead? They whip out their phones and write a verbose message at how amazing they think their friend is and that they're the best thing since sliced bread. But they don't always respond. Awkward.....

2. The Rude Drunk

Unfortunately, they're are some people who turn nasty once they've had a few and that's illustrated painfully in the text below. 


But finding out the next morning you called someone an 'obese penguin' after they spurned your advances? Ouch.....

3. The Paralytic Drunk

It seems some people have no qualms documenting their drunken escapades to others.....


It's safe to say that this is one drunk who isn't very good at hiding the evidence.

4. The Drunk Who Got The Wrong Number And Then Promptly Got Schooled

Anyone who messages a friend with the words 'white gurl wasted' is clearly paralytic and were probably all too aware of how daft they sounded once they re-read the message the following morning. 


Being schooled from the onset, the eloquent response sums up the responsibilities that most people have on a weekday yet that still didn't seem to make much sense to the drunk white girl, who thought that such a well-written message could only have been sent from a fellow drunkard. 

Dear oh dear...

5. The Drunk Who Revealed Their Fetish

When it comes to our innermost thoughts and desires, fetishes are probably high on the list but few- if any- would tell them to someone via text. Well, unless you're drunk.


In what has to be one of the worst drunk texts of all time, this drunk texter probably woke up the next morning in disgust.

6. The Police Officers Who Sent A Text Message To This Drunkard

Marty got quite the message the following afternoon after a drunken night out saw him being escorted back home by two caring officers.


But rather than take him to a cell, they were kind enough to drop him home and warn him the following day of the pitfalls that come from drinking. Best of all, he wasn't sent back to Ireland

7. The Drunk Who Became Overly Suspicious After Watching Pocahontas

This drunk texter was so shocked that Pocahontas betrayed John that she compared it to the unmasking of Jesus as a coke-dealer...


Not that her friend agreed with her. Rooting for the Native American beauty, the friend staunchly defended the princess and perhaps the whole feminist movement, too.

8. The Drunk Who Discovered They Were Screwed

Being the perpetrator of criminal damage is a risk particular drinkers run when consuming large amounts of alcohol- something Sarah discovered when she woke up the next morning.

In her case, one word summed up every single feeling she was no doubt going through upon discovering she had been fined $300 for wrecking a shop with pineapple pieces: crap. 

9. The Drunk Who Probably Got Dumped The Next Morning

If you're dating someone and have agreed to become monogamous, you're not going to be in your significant other's good books if you ask them if they are single.


But if you've drunk 10 pints of Guinness it seems anything goes..... 

10. The Drunk Who Thought They Were A Wizzard

We've all sent messages that make no sense once the brain numbing juices of alcohol come into effect but few people would be able to master the lingo that this chemistry genius displayed.


If we're being honest, if that's the kind of stuff that comes to mind when you're drunk you may just want to check in at platform 9 and three-quarters and order the first train to Hogwarts.

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