15 of The Funniest Horror Movies That'll Make You Laugh Then Scream

LOL October 26, 2017 By Vincent

Halloween is coming and we all love to whack on a horror movie and give ourselves a scare but sometimes we want more than just a fright or two and would maybe prefer a laugh thrown into the mix. Well, fear no more as we have a stupendous list of the funniest horror films to watch because sometimes imminent death, destruction, and torture can also be hilarious.

Dark humor abounds, we look at the absurd coupled with the grim. Do you agree with our list?

15. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

The sequel of one of the scariest horror films of all time is funny? Well, yeah, in fact, the original was supposed to be laced with dark humor and act as a bit of a socio-political satire on the state of America at the time but many viewers either didn't pick up on it or it just wasn't strong enough to carry through. Either way, the makers of the original were given a carte-blanche deal to make the sequel after the unexpected runaway success of the original and set-out to make sure the humor was evident this time.


Zany and insane, the storyline is off the wall and the 80s soundtrack gives it a weird vibe throughout that makes it no less scary than the first but definitely a whole lot weirder and funnier in equal measure.

14. Black Sheep

Killer, mutant sheep sounds like an insane premise and not the best premise for either serious horror or hilarious comedy but what makes this film so great at both is the fact, it knows its ridiculous but plays it straight, as though you should be scared of sheep. Considering it comes from New Zealand, a country where there are about 3 sheep to every person, then this is quite the achievement.


The special effects are also top quality and the humor swings from clever and witty to gruesome and crass with a delicate poise that makes it a perfect balance of dark and funny.

13. Cabin Fever

With humor in the same vein of many frat-comedies, this bro-horror takes the cliched horror premise of promiscuous teens in the woods and plays it for laughs as well as screams in the film that made director Eli Roth a household name on his way to becoming a master of the genre. With ridiculous dialogue and antics, it is not a serious horror but still has plenty of chills throughout.


Being an Eli Roth film, there's plenty of gore but it works well against the seemingly random comedy moments that are reminiscent of Adult Swim TV shows. A 2002 film, it was remade with exactly the same script in 2016.

12. Return of The Living Dead: Part 2

Not as good as the prequel but certainly a darn sight weirder and for that alone, it deserves a mention. A plot that revolves around a sinister military plot, grave robbers and intelligent, fast-moving zombies that learn and react to their own individual needs. It's a bit mad but that's kind of what makes it so great.


With a nod to Michael Jackson's famous Thriller video, it's evident this film doesn't take itself too seriously and is surprisingly family-friendly considering it's about the undead eating brain

11. Night of The Comet

It's not aged very well but it typifies 80s movies perfectly with its quirky storyline and Valley Girl characters that somehow manage to survive the apocalypse. With a poke at the cultural obsessions at the time of video games and shopping, the characters decide to go to the mall despite the end of the world and this is where it all kicks off.

Caged Raven/Youtube.com

Zombies, mad scientists, machine guns and quick one-liners all make this an easy to watch, but incredibly ludicrous, movie.

10. House

A Vietnam veteran moves into the house of his deceased aunt whilst trying to deal with the mysterious disappearance of his son. The premise is dark and so is the humor and yet it manages to be carefully timed and well thought out enough to make a light and entertaining watch out of some pretty heavy subject matter.


Excellent performances and weird goings-on on make it a treasure of the home video rental generation and still shouldn't be missed out on.

9. Re-Animator

Taking from source material by legendary horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, it sees a scientist losing track of morality as he pursues the ability to reanimate the dead and as soon as that is achieved, unexpected side effect to this horror begin to happen and bring dark and hilarious moments throughout and are made so much better by the commitment and timing of the protagonist.


Playing on gore and laughs, the film is gruesome and funny and matches up the two blow for blow.

8. Zombieland

A comedy based around the zombie apocalypse, its strength lies in the fact that people who would survive in a mass extinction situation are not the most regular or well rounded as it follows a neurotic protagonist who has managed to stay alive due to his dislike of other people which only becomes exacerbated when he comes across a psychopath desperate searching for Twinkies and two sisters who care for no one but themselves.

Steve Rhodes/Flickr.com

An excellent cameo by Bill Murray adds to the hilarity and sees this mismatched group come together in order to carry on carrying on.

7. Slither

The strength of this film actually lies in its use of cliches but don't let that put you off as it is an incredibly inventive and original film that plays out as though it made by a real fan of the genre who is lovingly sending it up by highlighting these over-used tropes and pointing out their ridiculous nature. With appearances from some well-known genre actors as well, it plays well to its target audience.


It's a bit of a gross-out fest but a strangely charming one that works well within its means.

6. Killer Klowns From Outer Space

So, from the title alone, you should be able to guess how this movie sets it stall out and from start to finish it is kitsch comedy-horror fare that has no intention of taking itself seriously as alien clowns use all sorts of clown based technology to kill people and it is so darn silly that it is great. The design of the clown puppets is also on point and makes the whole thing even more ludicrous.

Ryan Quick/commons.wikimedia.org

The theme song is also top notch novelty punk and in amongst the hilarity are some truly disturbing moments.

5. Shaun of The Dead

Fresh from his cult sit-com in the UK, actor and writer Simon Pegg launched his film career with what he dubbed the first ever zom-rom-com taking a wry look at a zombie apocalypse. While gently prodding the zombie-horror genre in an affectionate manner that pays homage to many of the greats, it also squarely aims at pop-culture as well as excellently skewering British drinking culture as well. Touching, nostalgic and hilariously funny.


Pulling at the strings of several genres you don't usually associate as going together, it creates something brilliant out of the mash-up.

4. The Return of The Living Dead

A sort-of sequel to George A. Romero's The Night of The Living Dead, it works perfectly well on its own so don't worry if you haven't seen the other horror classic (but why not?) because the excellent use of horror tropes and unique zombie creatures makes it more than its own vehicle. As a chemical spill reanimates the dead, a group of punk rockers find themselves in the middle of it.


Great fun and a nod to subculture and genre movies all at the same time in a hilarious bundle.

3. Cabin In The Woods

Joss Whedon is the mastermind behind  Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Firefly and bringing the realization of The Avengers to the screen and he turns his genius attention to the horror genre as he focuses on the prevalent tropes and trends throughout the films and inverts them so brilliantly for a stunning ending to what many thought would be bog standard horror.


It's this sullying of the sacred horror themes that make it so brilliant and funny at the same time.

2. Dead Alive

Before Peter Jackson made The Lord of The Rings trilogy he made this gloriously absurd Kiwi horror comedy which plays out in an ultra-violent cartoonish manner and uses practical effects to their full gory glory as people and creatures become infected by an unknown disease and become shambolic zombie-type creatures.

Anne-Marie O' Farrell/Youtube.com

Off the wall humor and super gory and gross moments all work to its advantage.

1. The Evil Dead II

Evil Dead was a cult zombie horror film that made a surprising amount of money on the back of a fairly meager budget. Knowing that people actually really liked the off-beat humor and overtly grotesque violence of the first film, six years later, the filmmakers essentially remade the first film in the guise of a sequel but this time with serious investment and backing due to the success of the first film and so it looked a far better film than the original.


Although billed as a sequel, there's absolutely no need to see the first one to appreciate how good this film is.

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