10 of The Craziest Sports You've Probably Never Seen

FUN FACTS December 7, 2017 By Vincent

There are some international sports that everyone has heard of and probably even played in some form or another, whether it be casually or at school at some time. There are probably even some more obscure ones that you may know about that are more popular in specific regions of the world. However, there are some really crazy sports out there that are so bizarre you've probably never seen them in action, even if you have heard of them. Here we detail a few of these weirder sports.

1. Cheese Rolling

A sport where a large, circular wheel of cheese is rolled down an extremely steep hill and competitors hurtle down after it in a hope of being the first one to catch the cheese. Winners are then awarded...err...the cheese.

1000 Words/Shutterstock.com

It may sound crazy but the Cheese Rolling event at Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire, England draws people from around the world to it despite being extremely dangerous. People have broken ribs and necks and have even died from competing in the event. That doesn't stop it drawing big crowds each year though.

2. Extreme Ironing

A sport in which people travel to remote or dangerous locations and try to iron a shirt as best as they can in perilous conditions, say, for example, whilst water skiing or skydiving. They competitors are then judged on how well their item of clothing has been ironed.


The Extreme Ironing Bureau says it’s “the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt.”

3. Wife Carrying

Big in Scandinavia, apparently, wife carrying involves married competitors carrying their wife through an obstacle course that can involve mud and water and is usually in a race format.


The Wife Carrying World Championships are held annually in Sonkajärvi, Finland since 1992 and the winner of each year's events is given the wife's weight in beer.

4. Chess Boxing

An intense sport that involves not only physical prowess but mental agility as well as it is a hybrid of both chess and boxing. With six rounds of chess, then five rounds of boxing, the rounds are dispersed intermittently.

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The participants can win at any time via knockout during the boxing round, or checkmate during the chess round so it pays to be good at both.

5. Shin-kicking

Held annually in the Cotswolds in England, the Shin-kicking event at the Cotswolds Olimpick games where two combatants face each other and hold on to each other's collar.

Andrew "Bob" Brockhurst/Flickr.com

They then take kicks at each other's shins until one falls down and they only protection they are afforded is hay stuffed down their trousers.

6. Gurning

Contestants put their heads through a horse collar so as to frame their faces and not have their other body parts become a part of their activity, they then have to pull as grotesque a face as possible.


There are international tournaments in gurning and the winner is whoever can perform the most grotesque and obtuse face going with skill points also awarded for difficulty.

7. Joggle

Another hybrid sport, this is a running race of sorts where the competitors have to jog whilst also juggling. They must maintain a juggling pattern at all times whilst proceeding as rapidly as they can.


Should competitors drop an item they have to return to the point where the drop happened and start juggling again before they can proceed.

8. Egg Rolling

An Easter tradition in many parts of the word, this is a race which involves hard boiled eggs, often decorated, being rolled along the floor via the use of a spoon.

Pete Souza/commons.wikimedia.org

The White House hosts an event each year during Easter where children compete in such a race.

9. Elephant Polo

Originating from ancient Persia, Polo is a sport played on horseback where two teams compete to knock a ball back and forth into marked areas of the pitch via the use of a long-handled mallet. It has become extremely popular with the wealthy of Europe.


In certain parts of the world, other animals that can be ridden are more prevalent and so places like Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand compete in Elephant Polo instead.

10. Bed Racing

Teams of five race a decorated bed on wheels down a track with two pushing the bed, two pulling from the front and one person in the bed 'steering'. 


An annual race takes place in the North Yorkshire Town of Knaresborough, England and is open to all but the first took place in 1965 and was only open to Army, Navy and American Marines members.

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