15 Of NASCAR'S Hottest Wags

OMG February 5, 2018 By Hugo

While OMG Lane recently profiled NFL's hottest Wags in the run-up to Super Bowl 52, the wives and girlfriends of NASCAR's biggest stars are just as beautiful.

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And we're not just talking your everyday, run-of-the-mill beauty. We're talking about some serious talent. From Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s fiancée, Amy Reimann to Kurt Busch's partner Ashley Van Metre, these ladies are in a league of their own.

So to whet your appetite, we assembled a gallery of the sexiest NASCAR wags that will make you wish you were a world-class racing driver. 

1. Lorra Podsiadlo

Lorra Podsiadlo is a fine specimen of a woman, with her tanned skin and golden blonde hair a delight to not only her Nascar husband Clint Bowyer but millions of Nascar fans! 

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She's also got brains, graduating in 2003 from Nazareth College (Rochester, NY) with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting- a rather apt degree when your husband happens to be a millionaire athlete.

2. Sherry Pollex

Another prepossessing blonde on our list, Sherry Pollex has always been a bedrock in Martin Truex Jr's life, and during his speech at the 2017 NASCAR Cup Awards ceremony, the reigning champion took time to thank his wonderful wife, who has endured a three year battle with ovarian cancer, for always being there for him.

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"Sherry, babe, I love you and thank you for the change you've caused in my life," Truex Jr crooned. "You're an inspiration to all of us in this room. And winning is a great feeling. But spending life with you is the real victory."

3. Amy Reimann

The ex-wife of the defensive line instructor, Tommy Cook, Reimann found love again with Nascar whizz Dale Earnhardt Jr, and with pearly white teeth, emerald green eyes and flawless skin, it isn't hard to see why Amy Reimann is a catch. Her looks even landed herself an advert with the soft drinks company Moutain Dew. However, Reimann is more than just a pretty face.

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The former college cheerleader is a big name in the world of interior design, having served as a project coordinator in the private architecture and planning firm, Wakefield Beasley & Associates. Today, she is the Director of Charlotte Studio at the Micamy Design Studio.

4. Ashley Van Metre

The long-term girlfriend of Kirt Busch finally tied the knot with her racing driver hubby in 2017 after three years of dating, and their wedding was even profiled in The New York Times.

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Titled "Nascar Driver Kurt Busch Finds His ‘Shooting Star", the piece contained a photo of the two dancing as Steven Tyler of Aerosmith provided the music, but it wasn't all sentimental romance. Describing the early days of their courtship, the competitive polo player confessed that she wasn't impressed by the 2004 Nascar champion's saccharine language after he told her that she was  ‘a shooting star on the horizon."  

"I thought that was a cheesy pickup line,” she said.

5. Anna de Ferran

Still only 22-years-old, Sage Karam isn't technically a Nascar driver as he drives in the IndyCar series, but his half-British, half-Brazilian, American-raised girlfriend, Anna de Ferran is too beautiful not to include on our list.

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An aspiring pop singer, she has remained a constant thorn in Karam's side ever since he burst onto the racing scene as a hopeful 19-year-old. 

6. Haley Dillon

Nascar driver Austin Dillon is the son of Mike Dillon, the former Nascar driver, but it is his form in recent years that proved it is his talent, rather than nepotism, which propelled him to the Nationwide Series Championship in 2013.

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Life is also good away from the race track for Dillon, who married his stunning NFL cheerleader girlfriend in 2014.

7. Katelyn Sweet

The longtime girlfriend of Nascar star Kyle Larsson, Kyle popped the all-important question in December last year and already have a son together named Owen. They are expecting another child later this year.


Sweet's brother, Brad, is also a race-car driver.

8. Whitney Scott

Whitney Scott and her Nascar hubby Brian Scott all made us cry when they released their heartfelt wedding video to the world in 2014.

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However, Whitney Scott found herself in hot water a year later after she was involved in a heated altercation with Nascar driver Darrell "Bubba" Wallace Jr after he expressed his displeasure with her husband's driving for the contact he made with his vehicle which caused his right wheel to loosen. 

Whitney then leapt to her husband's defence, with various profanities thought to have been said. Nascar subsequently placed Wallace Jr and Whitney Scott on probation, but if you're asking us, we believe what Whitney did was totally hot!

Brian, you're one lucky dude! 

9. Trisha Grablander

Casey Mears, you are doing very well for yourself! Not only have you won the famous Coca-Cola- 600 race but you've also won yourself a top-class beauty.

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Grablander, who could pass for Jessica Simpson's prettier sister, married the Nascar stud in 2010 and shares two children, Samantha and Hayden, with him.

10. Beccy Hunter-Reay

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to Beccy Hunter-Reay. Yes, she's mighty fine, which for Nascar drivers, seems to translate into two things: blonde hair and tanned skin.

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As for her husband, Ryan? His most significant accomplishment is winning the prestigious Indy 500, and while he isn't a Nascar driver, we feel it's only right a man with an Indy500 win to his name be included.

11. Krissie Newman

Ryan Newman’s wife Krissie may not be a leggy blonde and possess the assets of a Hooters waitress, but don't be fooled: This is one beautiful lady. 

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Indeed, in a world where wags have a reputation for going overboard with the fake tans and elongated hair, this keeper knows the importance of the age-old beauty mantra; less is more. And yes, that is indeed a parrot on her shoulder. 

12. Jordan Fish

The former Charlotte Bobcats Cheerleader first encountered Denny Hamlin at a game in 2007. Blown away by her beauty, Fish clearly couldn't get her out of his mind as he contacted her months later.


His excuse? According to USA Today, the call was in regards to him 'sponsoring' her for the Miss South Carolina USA pageant. Soon after, the two were dating.

13. Kate Downey Edwards

Carl Edwards struck gold when he married Kate Downey, an olive-skinned beauty who works with patients suffering from neurological difficulties.


Possessing beauty as well as brains, Carl isn't only a star driver; he also has an impeccable taste in women. 

14. Samantha Busch

Kyle Busch is one of the sport's nice guys, so you'll be happy to know he's married to the beautiful fashionista Samantha Busch, whom he met over 11 years ago on a race day.

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Clearly besotted with the gifted driver, Sam's Instagram bio read's "Kyle Busch's wife."

15. Patricia Driscoll

Kurt Busch is another Nascar star who seems to have chosen wisely in the girlfriend department, with his partner serving as the Executive Director of the Armed Forces Foundation.

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Busch also shares a son with Patricia Driscoll, whose blonde beauty could quite easily leave married men questioning why they settled down so early. Sadly, the couple is no longer together, but after reading about the great work Driscoll has done, we felt it would be a shame not to include her on our list.

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