Noel Gallagher Has Someone Playing Scissors In His Band & The Internet Can't Handle It

Celebs November 2, 2017 By Vincent

Noel Gallagher, music writing impresario behind legendary Brit-pop band Oasis and now leader of his own band, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Band, has got chins wagging recently for his music but it's not another smash-hit that is bound to rocket up the charts that have people chatting but rather a performance on a British late night music show after one of the members of his band was spotted playing something unusual.

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Later...With Jools Holland is a bit of a legendary music show in Britain where the presenter often cracks out tunes with his big band and invites artists from across the globe and from all genres to play and perform a few songs scattered in amongst other artists. This culminates in his iconic New Years Eve show that is the British Equivalent of Dick Clarke's New Year's Rockin' Eve.

Anyway, the other night, Noel Gallagher and his band appeared on the show and eagle-eyed viewers were quick to spot one of the band members was playing the...err...scissors. That's right, whilst others were playing more conventional instruments, one woman was spotted opening and closing a couple of pairs of scissors into a microphone in a rhythmic fashion which left people wondering if they were really necessary.

Given that his estranged brother Liam has taken to taking potshots at him via the social media website Twitter in recent years, many speculated that this whole stunt was designed just to wind him up and many jumped onto the platform to ask if Liam would be using any weird instruments in upcoming performances. When one user asked "You got yourself a scissorist Liam?" he replied with the tongue in cheek, "I'm afraid not but I do have someone sharpening a pencil it sounds mega with a bit of reverb on it proper out there gear". 

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Of course, others then started to share their renditions of famous Oasis, the band the brothers were in together before they fell out, songs on a pair of scissors with some of them actually being pretty decent. Noel hasn't responded to the intrigue over the scissors but given that he is heavily influenced by The Beatles, a band noted for using weird and wonderful sounds and unconventional objects in some of their music, he perhaps thought that it was just a good sound to try out on a song.

You can watch his performance of 'She Taught Me How To Fly' on the show by clicking here and 'Holy Mountain' here, with scissors and all. Let us know what your thoughts are on this new instrument and if you can see it taking it off in the comments below.

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