NME Compare Liam Payne To Ali G

Celebs February 5, 2018 By Hugo

Liam Payne appears to be having an identity crisis- well, according to the British music magazine, the NME.


Taking umbrage with the singer's outlandish dress sense since One Direction's hiatus, the article's unflattering headline read, " How Liam Payne became music’s answer to Ali G." 

Payne shot to fame as a fresh-faced 16-year-old in the British boy band One Direction and has since branched out- like the other four- as a solo artist. Yet it appears Payne's solo endeavours- at least from a fashion perspective- have fallen flat.

Only last week, Payne posed in a private jet, clad in a pair of Mona Lisa emblazed jogging bottoms and posted the photo and the accompanying caption, “You can only get jet lag from a jet the rest of y’all have got plane lag" with the hashtag #NOFUCKS to his millions of fans.

Cringeworthy beyond belief, 1D diehards were left wondering what happened to the pretty-faced boy who crooned about first kisses and dancing all night to the best song ever.

Instagram/ Liam Payne

Due to the negative backlash, the hitmaker swiftly deleted the post, but the Intenet never forgets, and as you can see, the immaturity makes for rather sore eyes.

The NME journalist even labelled Liam Payne the most uncool out of the three uncool members owing to the fact that Zayn and Harry were the only ones with any style and talent to begin with. 

Rather harsh, but perhaps true, it appears Liam is indeed having an identity crisis, leading one dismayed Twitter to write, "I can't believe someone from Wolverhampton (a small city in Middle England) is actually doing this." 

However, if Payne feels comfortable wearing clothes that wouldn't look out of place on a Sacha Baron Cohen character, then let him do his thing.

After all, not everyone can be Harry Styles.

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