Netflix To Pay $100m To Keep Friends

OMG December 7, 2018 By Hugo

Earlier this year we reported that Friends might be in danger of being taken off Netflix, but the streaming giant recently announced that the much-loved show would be extending its stay beyond Christmas. However, it's come at a price. 

As the show had an expiry date of January 1, subscribers were left stricken with panic and unease over the future of the sitcom.

But Netflix eventually caved in and renewed the rights for a reported $100 million (£78m).

The New York Times reports that the sum will go to Warner Brothers, and represent a steep increase in price from the $30m Netflix intially paid for the rights.

While the price may seem excessive for a series that finished over 15 years ago, Friends remains one of the most popular shows on television, so much so that some subscribers threatened to cancel their subscriptions if Netflix didn't renew it.

One of the many fans who took to social media to vent their rage wrote, "Netflix is taking Friends off Jan. 1 and tbh I might just cry. I hope you pay for this Netflix."

However, once the news was announced on Twitter; the tone had changed considerably. "Netflix just saved themselves from losing like half of their customers," a less irate Friends fan tweeted.

As well as Netflix, Friends will also stream on AT&T's Warner Media streaming service, a new streaming platform which will go live in 2019.

The exciting new service will offer stiff competition to the monopoly that is Netflix, with a range of Warner Bros entertainment to choose from, including the Harry Potter, Lego, and Lord of the Ring's movies. 

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