Unbelievable Movie Anachronisms That Didn't Go Unnoticed!

OMG February 26, 2018 By Hugo

With millions of dollars plowed into Hollywood productions, you'd assume that each facet of the filming process would be covered, but in reality, even Tinseltown's greatest minds aren't immune from mistakes, as these notable anachronisms proved.

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Astonishingly, neither the cast or crew involved in these films picked up on the historical inaccuracies, which ultimately led to many red faces in the production department! 

1. The Aviator

While Martin Scorcese's biopic on the late inventor Howard Hughes went down well with critics, eager-eyed film buffs were quick to pull the director up on one particular scene.

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The scene concerns the film's protagonist, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, ordering 10 chocolate chip cookies in a scene set in 1928. However, chocolate chip cookies didn't come into mainstream circulation until the 1930s.

2. Titanic

Another film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, James Cameron's Titanic soon broke box office records as well as sweeping the board at the Academy Awards with a total of 10 awards from 13 nominations.

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Still, for a film set in 1912, you'd think a man as methodical as James Cameron would have eliminated any possible anachronisms, but even great directors make mistakes. The mistake comes when Jack is telling Rose about his days fishing with his father in Lake Wissota, despite the place not existing until being formed by a dam in 1917.

3. Forrest Gump

The movie Forrest Gump is a mainstay favorite around the world, and that's no doubt in part thanks to Tom Hank's believable performance as the movie's namesake lead, with his innocent, and positive approach to life proving a lesson for us all. That said, even Forrest Gump's affable nature couldn't distract us from one glaring mistake.

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The scene comes when Forrest receives a letter from a 'fruit' company called Apple thanking him for his investment in the company. However, the letter is dated 1975, which is a major flaw in the movie as Steve Jobs's iconic company didn't go public until 1981!

4. Gladiator 

Gladiator was a remarkable film that put Russel Crowe firmly on the map as one of Hollywood's go-to leading men, but his character's nickname, "Spaniard" wasn't properly researched by the director, Ridley Scott.


If he had done his reading, he would have found that "Spaniard" derived from the old French word "espaignart," which didn't come into the French lexicon until the 14th century- Gladiator is set in 180. 

5. Back to the Future

The beautiful guitar Marty McFly plays with when he travels back to the year 1955 is historically inaccurate as the ES-345 model wasn't released until 1959.

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In fairness, even music aficionados would have trouble spotting this one!

6. Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind may be a Hollywood classic, but it was also privy to a few inaccuracies like forgetting that electrical lights during the mid-1800s didn't exist.

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How embarrassing.

7. Dallas Buyers Club

A rookie mistake on an otherwise solid film, Matthew McCounghay's character Ron Woodroof has a poster of a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 in the background of his office. 

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Yet the model was built in 2013, despite the film being inspired by events that took place in 1985.

8. The Hurt Locker

Kathryn Bigelow rightly became the first female recipient of the Academy Award for Best Director when her Iraq war-inspired film The Hurt Locker was released, yet there is one glaring mistake in the movie.

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In a lapse of judgment, Bigelow forgot to do her research on the tech giant YouTube after failing to amend a scene which involved a soldier warning his team that an Iraqi with a video camera would put footage of them on YouTube. And that would be a totally reasonable piece of dialogue if it wasn't for the fact that the movie takes place in 2004- a year before YouTube was founded. 

9. Public Enemies 

Despite the all-star cast, Public Enemies wasn't much of a smash with critics or cinemagoers, and as it was a historical piece chronicling the famous gangster John Dillinger, you'd think the director would know his stuff.

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Clearly, he didn't, as Pretty Boy Floyd, and Baby Face Nelson were killed before John Dillinger in the movie....despite Dillinger outliving them in real life!

10. The Green Mile

The Green Mile was adapted from a serial novel by Stephen King and saw the earnest do-gooder John Coffey sentenced to death by the electric chair after allegedly murdering two children.

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Though as the story is set in Lousiana, Coffey's death by electric chair was an anachronism as the state didn't implement that mode of execution until 1940- five years after the story takes place.

11. The Shawshank Redemption 

As well as being up there with the likes of Papion and The Midnight Express as one of Hollywood's best prison movies, The Shawshank Redemption is also one of the most beloved films of all time and regularly tops IMDB's top 250 list.


However, despite its cult status, seasoned auteur Frank Darabont failed to notice that the Raquel Welch poster Andy Dufresne uses to conceal his escape hole was from a movie released in 1967. Dufrense escapes in 1966.

12. Braveheart

Mel Gibson's Braveheart is a tour de force in what a historical, action-packed film should look like, yet one thing the film got completely wrong was allowing the film's protagonist, William Wallace, to wear kilts.

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Despite the garment being a staple part of Scottish wardrobes, they didn't exist until the 16th century, yet despite taking place in the 1300s, the film wasn't shy to use the clothing item on most of the cast. 

13. The Unusual Suspects

Another classic movie on our list that wasn't immune to making a schoolboy era, The Untouchables had a scene where an array of Canadian maple leaf symbols are seen on liquor crates.

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However, while you may not know it yourself, the maple leaf design seen on today's Canadian flag wasn't actually designed until 1965- 30 years later than the movie's setting.

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