Soon-to-be Mother Of Twins Discovers They Have A Rare Condition

OMG February 28, 2018 By Hugo

There are various things in life that we often take for granted, like our warm home and the food on our table. Sometimes we can even forget how lucky we are to have people who love us, such as our family members, partners and friends. 

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However, if you ever expect a child with your partner, your whole world will probably change, because, reproducing is what we are put on Earth to do, and giving life to someone else is such an extraordinary gift that it is too overwhelming of a feeling to ever take for granted, and a pregnant Lisa Hansen and her husband, Darren, were no exception to feeling this way.

Indeed, when you have a baby with your partner, your whole world becomes centred around them, and you spend the next 9 months methodically planning your future life, thinking everything baby-related.

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But while the lead-up to the pregnancy can allow for much speculation over possible names and what it will look like, in the back of parents' minds, there's always the fear that the pregnancy might not go as planned. For Lisa Hansen, her worst fears were confirmed several months into the pregnancy.

Following a 9-week scan, Lisa and her partner were delighted to discover they would soon be parents. After all, the married couple had been trying for a baby for over 1000 days but the pregnancy tests would always come back negative. However, as one ultrasound finally revealed, they would be parents to not just to one child, but twins.

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Double the trouble, but triple the excitement, Lisa and her man were no doubt living the dream in the snow-dappled, picturesque wonderland of Vancouver Island, Canada. They were married, had stable jobs, and soon, they would finally have the family they so craved. But one routine trip to their local hospital changed everything. 

Unfortunately, a 19-week ultrasound confirmed the twins weren't as healthy as first thought. According to leading specialists at the hospital, the twins were Monoamniotic-Monochorionic, otherwise known as "MoMo". 

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For those unaware of the condition, "MoMo" twins share one amniotic sac and one placenta in the mother's womb. A serious, as well as rare condition, both twins' lives, were severely threatened, and Lisa and her husband were even given the option to abort their children.

The chances of MoMo twins being successfully conceived are often low due to the high possibility that the umbilical cords could become tangled. Yet the brave couple kept looking at the ultrasound of their precious twins and just knew that they didn't want to give up fighting for them.

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Thus, a determined Lisa went ahead with the pregnancy, despite doctors on more than one occasion bringing up the possibility of an abortion. 

In the intervening weeks, Lisa continued to work and resume her life as best she could despite the various obstacles that had come her way, and it wasn't until the 23-week mark of her pregnancy that she took her paternity leave.

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Lisa would then check into her hospital for a 7-week inpatient stay where she would undergo regular non-stress tests and ultrasounds so doctors could keep a closer eye on the twins' health.

Astonishingly, despite the various setbacks that had accompanied the pregnancy, Lisa and her partner still refused to know their twin's genders!

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Perhaps it was having something to look forward to at the end of the pregnancy that spurred Lisa on. After all, it was a tough ride, and one, which at any stage, could see her lose her two precious children. To make matters worse, the couple's dog died 30 weeks into the pregnancy.

Still, with so much being thrown their way, the couple had grown stronger, and 32 weeks into the pregnancy, doctors prepared Lisa for the final leg of the journey.

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To avoid the all-too-real possibility of a stillbirth, Lisa was advised by doctors to have a cesarian, and thankfully, the twins came out breathing on the other side.

Owing to the complicated nature of the birth, Lisa and her man only had a brief moment with their newborns, before they were whisked to separate incubators.

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The identical MoMo twins thankfully made a full recovery, and after 14 weeks of tests, the family unit was finally able to go home.

Of course, medical professionals were still keen to monitor their health, but after extensive testing and monitoring, doctors deemed that they had done all they could and that they were finally able to fly the nest with their parents and begin their new lives.

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This uplifting, and awe-inspiring story just goes to prove that with love and the support of others, anything can be overcome, and we at OMG Lane are so thankful it all worked out for Lisa and her family!

You can watch Lisa's incredible story, in which she chronicles the ups and downs of her 32-week pregnancy journey with an array of powerful photos, by clicking here.


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