10 Models Whose Transition Into Acting Was An Epic Fail

Celebs September 17, 2018 By Hugo

Models transitioning into acting is nothing new. It happens time and time again, with casting directors always on the lookout for the next marketable face. Of course, having a chiseled jawline and a striking pair of legs doesn't always translate into movie stardom- as these 10 models-turned awful actors will tell you.

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For every Cameron Diaz and Channing Tatum, countless other models failed to make the grade as credible actors, despite the support of powerful studio heads. With that said, here are 10 famous models whose transition into acting wasn't that successful. 

1. Kate Upton

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Aside from her towering frame, luscious blonde hair and possessing a midriff most women would die for; Kate Upton doesn't have much going for her in the acting world, as evidenced by her abysmal performances in movies such as The Three Stooges and The Other Woman. Her last movie role came in the much-praised comedy-drama The Disaster Artist, but her acting was so bad she didn't even make the final cut.

Still, the supermodel continues to bank serious cash in the modelling world, with front cover spreads in esteemed magazines such as Sports Illustrated and Maxim a regular occurrence for one of America's most famous models.

2. Naomi Campbell

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The British supermodel isn't the worst actress in the world, but she's also not the best either. In many ways, Campbell's performances on the big screen have seemed to have translated into her playing a mere extension of herself, which hasn't given her much scope to flex her acting muscles.

However, Campbell is by no means a natural at the craft of acting, and judging by her latest and stale performance in the American TV series Power, she has a long way to go.

3. Tyson Beckford

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Ask any person on the street to name a male model, and they'd probably struggle to give you many names, but most would probably be able to name one, and that's Tyson Beckford. The famous stud has graced countless campaigns for the likes of Ralph Lauren over the years, but his transition into acting didn't quite translate into the same success. 

Like Naomi, Tyson isn't wooden or awkward in front of the camera, but modeling is evidently his forte, despite managing to nad roles in studio films such as Zoolander and Into the Blue.

4. Tyra Banks 

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Before we criticize Tyra's acting credentials, it's fair to say that Bank's Life-Size is one of the best TV movies of all time. Well, if you happen to be a pre-teen girl, at least. Anyway, Banks wasn't bad in it, but she wasn't good in it either. 

In many ways, Banks found her groove in the modeling world and would go onto become one of America's best-known reality hosts when she fronted many seasons of America's Next Top Model. Of course, with Banks having the ego of many supermodels, she probably thinks she's a fantastic actress, hence why she signed onto star in Life-Size 2. 

God help us.

5.  Claudia Schiffer

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Aside from perhaps Hedi Klum, German supermodel Claudia Schiffer is Germany's most famous runway model, with her signature blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes making her a mainstay fixture on runways across the world. However, her career in Hollywood wasn't as illustrious, despite marrying into the business when she tied the knot with one of Hollywood’s hottest directors.

Yep, Schiffer married the esteemed auteur Matthew Vaughn, but even his guidance and industry contacts couldn't help her establish a long-lasting acting career. In the film she did appear in, such as the sappy Xmas movie Love Actually, her presence alone makes for uncomfortable viewing.

6. Gisele Bundchen

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The Brazilian supermodel is quite possibly the most successful fashion model of all time, with her earnings as a model far outstripping those of fellow supers Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. Still, even with all the money and beauty in the world, the wife of Tom Brady just can't seem to get the art of acting right. 

With woeful performances in the English-language remake of ‘Taxi’ and as a bitchy assistant in The Devil Wears Prada, Bundchen's acting career was well and truly consigned to the dustbins of Hollywood, and it was all her doing. 

Remarkably, members of the Teen Choice Awards panel somehow deemed her worthy enough of a nomination for Breakout Performance in Taxi, but even the good people at Teen Choice couldn't put a stop to her short and forgetable acting career.

7.  Brooklyn Decker

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Model extraordinaire and wife to the retired tennis star Andy Roddick, Brooklyn Decker's career in the movies has been universally panned, with the blonde beauty garnering a whopping 3 Razzie nominations for her performances.

The Sports Illustrated star's first Razzie nomination was for Worst Screen Couple in ‘Just Go With It’, followed by Worst Supporting Actress in ‘Battleship’ and ‘What To Expect When You're Expecting’.


8. Suki Waterhouse 

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Possessing amazing features and being born with a name such as Suki Waterhouse no doubt gave this dazzling beauty a significant headstart in life. I mean, not only does she have the perfect face, but her name is frickin' awesome. Anyway, even people like Suki can't be good at everything, as she proved in a series of subpar performances in the films Insurgent and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

However, having dated A-list actor Bradley Cooper, you'd have thought she would have made the most of Cooper's talents by learning the craft when around the famous thespian, but she clearly hasn't improved much if her latest performances in the films Billionaires Boys Club and Charlie Says are anything to go by.

9. Emily Ratajkowski


After coming to prominence in the controversial Robin Thicke music video Blurred Lines, Ratajkowski was propelled to A-list fame and landed a series of credible acting roles that came from the attention of the music video.

Some, for instance, such as her two appearances in the brilliant Netflix series Easy, were quite good, but the majority of her roles were bang average. Her worst performance was undoubtedly alongside Zac Efron in the EDM flop; We Are Your Friends.

10. Estella Warren

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Despite starring in two Planet of the Ape remakes and the 2005 film Her Minor Thing, Warren still couldn't shake off the woodenness that had critics lamenting her skills as a thespian.

Widely panned by critics, Warren's career in Hollywood never quite recovered, but she still finds work in cable tv shows, though it's unlikely you've seen any of them. 

Feel the Dead, anyone?

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