Model With Down Syndrome Makes History In Miss USA State Pageant

OMG November 28, 2017 By Hugo

A woman with downs syndrome is thought to have made history after competing in Saturday's Miss Minnesota Pageant.

22-year-old Mikayla Holmgren's inclusion in the event has led officials to believe she is the first woman with downs syndrome to compete in the competition. 

YouTube/ FOX 9 News

A student at Bethel University in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Holmgren is also a triple-threat athlete and has gained a reputation for speaking out for minority groups in her area.

Glowing in his praise, her proud father Craig Holmgren described her to FOX 9 as having a "positive outlook on things" and someone "who never really has a bad day."

Applying to the event herself, executive director Denise Wallace knew instantly that Holmgren just had to be part of the pageant. 

"Anybody who's ever spent five minutes with her knows that she's the right person to be the first to represent the community of people who need to see themselves doing something like this."

The competition also made headlines last year for including Halima Aden, a semi-finalist who became the first model to wear a headscarf and bikini-burka on the pageant's catwalk.

But this year it's all about Mikayla, and we hope other models with down syndrome and other disabilities have the courage to follow suit.

Speaking to FOX 9, she said, "It's really, really fun. I love stage, and it's why I do this. And I'm so proud of myself." 

We're proud of you too, Mikayla! 


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