Mark Hamill Expresses Support For Obscure English Soccer Club But It's Not Quite What It Seems

Celebs September 11, 2017 By Vincent

Mark Hamill is a world renowned actor who is best-known for his work in the Star Wars franchise as Luke Skywalker and for his voice work in many DC projects as The Joker but it would appear the star is also a fan of a lesser known soccer team in England and it all came about because of a misunderstanding.


Whilst most of the world may be aware of the British soccer powerhouses like Manchester United and Chelsea, and possibly even those who were formerly major players in the sport's elite makeup such as Arsenal and Liverpool, fewer will be aware of the team Wolverhampton Wanderers who are based in the West Midlands city of Wolverhampton. The city itself was named after an Anglo-Saxon noblewoman called Wulfrun who established it but, due to its obvious similarity to the word 'Wolves', the soccer club adopted the animal as their mascot and is often referred to by fans as 'Wolves' as well.

With a noble and highly influential history, (most notably as being founder members of the Football League and being instrumental in the establishment of the European Cup, later to become the UEFA Champions League) the team is well known in England. Extremely successful through to the 1970s, the club suffered financial mismanagement in the 1980s and very nearly disappeared altogether, and so, have rather fallen off the radar a bit in recent years and now aren't even competing in the Premier League, the highest tier of English football, but rather in the division below called The Championship.

Despite gaining more traction in recent years, soccer doesn't have a massive amount of support in North America compared to other homegrown sports and Hamill is noted for his soccer fanaticism so how is it that he came to be a fan of Wolves? Well, it turns out, through a Twitter misunderstanding.

One Twitter user perhaps used the force to gain of foresight of Hamill's future support for the club after they tweeted at him if he was a 'wolves fan' and Hamill liked the tweet, supposedly thus showing his support. As it transpires the actor and voice-over artist though the user was talking about the animal but soon he was inundated with more tweets about Wolves and his supposed fondness for them and so it took a fans group of the soccer club to get to the bottom of the issue when they tweeted at him:

"So @HamillHimself keeps liking tweets involving #Wolves.

Is he a fan?

Is he just having some fun?

Help me Obi-Wan. You're our only hope!"

To which the actor replied,

I am now. Never heard of them until 2 days ago. All because I "liked" a tweet from a #Wolves fan & they made me feel like family. Very nice!

After this, the club themselves got involved and said it was made aware of the social media chat and added: "We sent a tweet to Mark, who replied to confirm that he has indeed now pledged his allegiance to Wolves - clearly he is a good judge!

"The force is certainly strong at Molineux at the moment with the team making an excellent start to the season, and it was perhaps fitting that yesterday's game against Millwall finished Obi Wan-Nil.

"There is always room in the Wolf Pack for The Last Jedi, and there is the open invitation for Mark to attend a fixture at Molineux should his Landspeeder ever be passing."

Just this morning, Mrk Hamill expressed his surprise and delight at the mix-up when he Tweeted about the effect it had on his following.

"I gain 5K+followers in ONE DAY?! Note to self-Reveal fondness for wildlife & ignorance of British football much more often. #MisinformedMark"

What is perhaps the best part of this story is not the mix-up or Mark Hamill's apparent love for the club but that he was just reading his tweets, saw one about wolves and thought to himself "heck yeah I love wolves, what a great animal they are!" (we stress this is only an assumption on our part and not an actual quote from Mark).

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What are your thoughts on this turn of events and do you think Wolves fans will ever see Mark Hamill gracing their stadium to watch a game? Let us know in the comments below.

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