Marilyn Manson Points A Rifle At Gig Goers

Celebs November 7, 2017 By Vincent

Marilyn Manson is an artist who is fairly familiar with controversy. The self-styled antichrist superstar has been blamed for the infamous Columbine massacre after it was found that the two teenage shooters listened to his music shortly before the event while he has also been accused of trying to spread Satanism and other 'immoral' values. 

Recently though, the star riled many fans when he was performing at the Glen Helen Amphitheater in San Bernardino on Sunday night as he pretended to spray the crowd with bullets from a fake semi-automatic weapon.

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America is still reeling from a mass shooting in Texas that happened that very morning in a village near San Antonio as well as one that happened at the start of last month at a music festival in Las Vegas. Being pushed on stage in a wheelchair after an injury in September that saw Manson crushed under a stage prop, the singer pulled out the rifle with a microphone attached where the scope of the rifle is during his most recent release "We Know Where You F****** Live." 

The shock rocker is known for his outlandish performances often including overtly sexual or violent themes, but many felt this went a little too far even for him while others countered that it was a timely political statement. 

Manson has previously spoken about gun laws in America in the Michael Moore documentary about gun legislation Bowling For Columbine and in his own music such as 'The Love Song' where he rails at the guns, God, government mentality of many Americans. 

San Bernardino itself suffered a mass shooting in 2015 where 14 people were killed.

Whilst it certainly was a disturbing image, perhaps the point was that it was not disturbing enough to many in a country where gun crime and mass slaughter are rife and yet little is done to curtail gun use. 

What are your thoughts on the incident? Was this a point well made or just a sick stunt to garner attention? 

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