This Lion's Roar Will Make You Jump Out Of Your Seat!

OMG September 21, 2018 By Hugo

In the unforgiving world of the animal kingdom, the lion is considered the one animal no one messes with. But not only do they find themselves sitting on the top of the food chain, but they also possess an ethereal beauty that only a handful of other animals could match.

Shutterstock/ The Len

They are also known for strutting their stuff with a lithe grace befitting of a supermodel, and this male lion from San Diego Zoo is no exception. However, the sound it emits from its mouth is anything but majestic, and you'll have to make sure the volume on your computer isn't turned up to its full blast when you play the video!

Typically, the best time to visit the San Diego Zoo is in the evening when the temperature has cooled. Then, the roars of this incredible lion are heard and it's really something!

Elevating his mouth upwards, the majestic creature looks to the heavens and then lets out a loud roar. The lion also synchs its body in line with the tempo of the roars, thrusting its body up and down every time he roars. 

In its natural habitat in the bucolic African wilderness, a lion's roar can travel up to 8 km. But to who exactly is this message for?

Well, lions interact with each other through sound communication, but it is through an array of different sound signals which determine how they approach one another. A low roar can quickly be replaced by a succession of fast and manic roars. This is primarily how they communicate with one another, which gave scientists an idea of how certain territories are determined.

Typically, younger male lions learn to stay quiet in their first few years, remaining fairly inconspicuous as they watch and learn from the dominant, roaring lions heard around them.

Watch the amazing footage below and let us know what you think in the comments below!



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