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Maine Coon Kitty Can't Stop Hugging Its Owner!

OMG January 5, 2018 By Hugo

When it comes to debating the age-old Cats Vs Dogs argument we have always sided with dogs because they are more affectionate and become invested in your life as opposed to spending 90% of their life away from you.


However, in some cases, you are proven wrong in life, and we think Tihon, a beautiful Maine Coon from Moscow has shown that cats can also be pretty awesome and affectionate as he cuddles his owner every day she returns from work!

Speaking to Love Meow, Tihon's owner told the cat site that he is very quiet and likes to let his hugging do the talking.  “He is very quiet. In Russian ‘Tiho’ is quiet, hence his name. He purrs quietly and lovingly. His mission is always to be near me,” she revealed.


Speaking about Tihon's clinginess, his owner seemed rather endeared by his affection even if it did mean following her into some rather private places. “He likes to sit in my arms all the time. He doesn’t like to be alone, and always follows me wherever I go, even the bathroom,”

But Tihon isn't the only cat vying for its owner's attention. Living with the Moscow owner is Tihon's mother, who is considerably smaller but still bosses things around the house. 


Yet Tihon's only goal in life appears to be spreading the love, and there are countless photos on the owner's popular Instagram account of him doing just that.

The page has over 29,000 followers, with Tihon regularly pictured with his owner and mother loving life. 


The beautiful kitty, who has one blue eye and one hazel, waits by the door every day for his human mom to return, and you can just tell by the look on its face how happy he feels to be in the arms of someone he not only loves but clearly worships. 


Now, all together now. 1....2....3.... AWH!!

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