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Lorde's Album Is Hung In The Louvre

Celebs November 28, 2017 By Vincent

Lorde is one heck of a talented lady with a hit album to her name at the tender age of 16-years-old with her debut single Royals making her the youngest artist to get to number 1 on The Billboard Top 100 since 1987. So highly respected by the music industry is she that the late great David Bowie called her the “future of music” but she probably never expected her portrait to be hung in the iconic art gallery The Louvre, in Paris.

Sky Cinema/Shutterstock.com

However, it transpires that her latest album 'Melodrama' that features a portrait of the singer, was hung in the famed art museum where such pieces as Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa hangs and the Venus De Milo sculpture is kept, but the singer's latest musical offering wasn't so highly prized by the French gallery so much as it was forced upon them by a Lorde superfan who happened to be visiting.


Smuggling the album into the Louvre, Nina Richard took to Twitter to inform the star, and the world at large, about her attempt to get the album recognized next to other classic pieces.


"Hey @lorde , I hung Melodrama in the Louvre ! A masterpiece surrounded by others - l took it on a journey through time and space, from Antiquity, passing by Renaissance, to Modern Times. (I had to do it very quickly cause security started to watch me and hunt down on me lol)"


Sadly not a legitimate commission, it was quickly taken down by guards at the gallery, but for a few fleeting moments, Lorde was held in the same regard as iconic artists of the ages. There's still time for her to make it in on her own accord we suppose.


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