Lil Wayne's Wardrobe Malfunction Is A Sore Sight

LOL January 8, 2019 By Hugo

Choosing the correct outfit for a night out is hard enough, but for pop stars performing for their fans, you can imagine that a lot more thought goes into their attire. Well, unless you're Lil Wayne.

Shutterstock/ Jamie Lamor Thompson

In last night's College Football Playoff National Championship at Levi's Stadium, California, Lil Wayne proved that fashion isn't exactly his forte, much to the pleasure of social media users who couldn't help but poke fun at his bohemian outfit. 

The outfit consisted of a full-length fur coat, large sunglasses and unnecessarily long knee boots.

Almost asking to be poked fun of, Lil Wayne's out-there dress sense soon attracted a host of humorous comments online. One Twitter user even compared his look to that of a female cartoon.

"Lil Wayne out here looking like a power puff girls Villain," one user tweeted.

"Lil Wayne looks like the Hamburglar #Halftime #CFBChampionship," read another savage tweet.

Another user offered a more detailed analysis of Weezy's look. "Weezy looks like a dragon wrangler about to sell you some magic legumes underneath a bridge."

Other comparisons ranged from E.T.  and Cruella de Vill to an elderly grandmother.

Still, despite all the online teasing, you can't help but admire the nonchalant attitude many stars have to clothes that most of us wouldn't be seen dead in.

And when you're a multi-Grammy Award-winning rapper who has achieved everything possible in the rap game, you can afford to get away with the odd fashion faux pax.

If you want to witness the garish garment for yourself, you can do so by clicking here.

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