Kylie Jenner Is Close To Becoming The World's Youngest Billionaire

Celebs July 13, 2018 By Hugo

Kylie Jenner of Keeping Up With The Kardashians fame is on course to become the world's 'youngest ever self-made billionaire' after reports claimed she had made an astonishing $900million from her cosmetic company, Kylie Cosmetics.


The youngest member of the Kardashian clan only turns 21 in August and is already the wealthiest member of her family according to reports from Britain's Daily Mail newspaper.

In lieu of her astronomical success, Forbes profiled Kylie on their August cover which will focus on 'America's Women Billionaires'.

Once profits exceed $1billion, she will usurp Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg as the 'youngest-ever self-made billionaire,' a title the tech genius claimed at 23-years-old.

Uploading their upcoming August cover to their Instagram account, they wrote a caption which read, "Kylie Jenner is on track to become the youngest self-made billionaire ever, ahead of even Mark Zuckerberg, who became a billionaire at age 23.

"Find out how she built a $900 million fortune in less than 3 years. #SelfMadeWomen." Like we're all going to be able to do the same or something?"

However, Forbe's use of the term "Self-made" has caused a stir on social media. After all, Jenner has had a privileged upbringing, with both her parents being millionaires long before Keeping Up With The Kardashians even aired, and it's more than likely that she had a number of valuable connections and seed money in place to launch her company. even tweeted: "Self-made means having succeeded in life unaided. Used in a sentence: Forbes says that Kylie Jenner is a self-made woman."

Another user added, "Im not discrediting her success but hardly self made ..sure she works hard and earned her success. but she was given the platform and had one hell of a capital to start up."

What are your thoughts on Kylie's immense success? Should we quite moaning over the self-made label and be happy for a young, successful woman?

Or is it doing those who are actually self-made a disservice by placing Jenner in the same bracket as them?

As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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