Rapper XXXTentacion Predicted His Death In Haunting Instagram Post

Celebs June 20, 2018 By Hugo

After Monday's murder of up-and-coming Florida rapper XXXTentacion, a disturbing clip of the star predicting his death has gone viral.

The chilling video, which was sourced from an Instagram Live video, saw the 20-year-old discussing what his legacy would possibly entail if he died.

YouTube/Michael McCrudden

The fan who uploaded the video titled it, "Last Instagram live from xxxtentacion before his untimely death."

"If worse things comes to worst, and I fucking die or some shit and I'm not able to see out my dreams, I at least want to know that the kids perceived my message and were able to make something of themselves and able to take my message and use it and turn it into something positive and to at least have a good life," he said.

"If I'm going to die or ever be a sacrifice, I want to make sure that my life made at least five million kids happy, or they found some sort of answers or resolve in my life regardless of the negative around my name, regardless of the bad things people say to me.

"Do not let your depression make you. Do not let your body define your soul, let your soul find your body. Your mind is limitless. You are worth more than you can believe. All you have to do is dream and all you have to do is want to fulfil that dream and have the strength."

While the star may not have been known to audiences outside America, XXXTentacion, whose real name was Jahseh Onfroy, had recently scored a number one Billboard 200 album with "?", a follow-up to his critically-praised debut record, "17".

Like many hip-hop musicians, Onfroy's skills were noticed on Soundcloud, allowing the rapper to build up an organic, cult following long before he released his first studio album.

Many compared the controversial artist to hip-hop revolutionary 2Pac, owing to the star's open, unfiltered rapport with his fans, who often hung out with him backstage and revealed their innermost problems to him at various events he hosted.

Shortly after his death, which occurred in Boward County, Florida, Kanye West took to Twitter to post a heartfelt tribute: "Rest in peace - I never told you how much you inspired me when you were here thank you for existing."

The EDM DJ Diplo used Instagram to express his remorse: "This kid was a genius. True artist. He made his own rules. He has his faults but he was young and he worked so hard on his own self. He wanted to be better. He loves everyone so much. He lived for every kid out here. He had the biggest imagination.

"He texted me this weekend it was one of his goals to get me & Skrillex to finish his next album. I Invited him to LA this week. I was wondering if he was gonna come.

"He used every second of his life to create. He repped Florida to his core. I love this kid. He was gonna do so much more he promised me."

However, news of the artist's death also caused a fierce debate on social media as to whether he should be celebrated owing to a string of legal troubles which saw the star spend the majority of his teens in and out of prison.

The rapper was also awaiting trial for attacking his pregnant girlfriend after pleading no contest.

It is believed that two black hooded males are responsible for the shooting, which took place outside a motorcycle store as the rapper sat in his car. One of the assailants is thought to have sported a red mask.

The Broward County sheriff department has said that they are looking for two black males and requested that anyone with any knowledge come forward. 

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