Kids Find Abandoned Pups But Didn't Realize What He Had Done

OMG December 6, 2017 By Vincent

An animal rescue team was informed that few kids playing at a construction site in their neighborhood have found five-day-old puppies.

The kids have taken the puppies from the site, took them home and tried to bottle feed them.

Not knowing that the puppies' mom went to find food for them, they were just trying to help.

Realizing that, they agreed to return the stolen puppies.

The rescue team wanted to make sure that the puppies and their mother would receive a proper care.

So, they placed the puppies in a puppy pen and sat it in the area where they were initially spotted.

They waited patiently for their mom to appear and meet them there.

And so she did.

She tried to hide and keep a distance from the rescuers.

It was clear she was afraid that her puppies might get stolen again, as they were taken from her once before.

The defensive mom growled whenever the rescuers tried to approach her to take her and her babies to a safe environment.

She eventually calmed down enough for the team to let her sniff her babies. 

The mom, later named Navalina, let the rescuers pet her and show her that they meant no harm to her or her babies.

They were able to get the lucky furry family to their facilities to give them food, care, and medical treatment.

Most importantly, the animals got the love they deserved.

Soon they were put up for adoption.

It just goes to show, even when trying to help, you can cause more harm.

So it is always best to contact the authorities first.

Fortunately, everything worked out okay in the end for these pups.

And their mom Navalina got to care for them again.

The playful pups and their mother were all looked over by vets and given the treatment they needed.

The happy family are reunited once again.

You can donate and help save more lives of animals in need this holiday season.

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The mother and her babies were up for adoption via

Many other rescue animals in desperate need of a home can also be found here.

Too many young animals end up on the streets or in shelters after people realize they can't care for them.

It is vital to get your pets spayed or neutered.

You can watch the full video of the mom and her pups being rescued below:


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