Kevin Bacon Opens Up About His 30 Year Relationship To Kyra Sedgwick

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Kevin Bacon's career hit the big time when he starred in 1984's Footloose, but unlike other rising stars that decade, Bacon never attained global stardom, but if you ask the man what really makes him happy he's unlikely to mention his acting career.

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Instead, Kevin Bacon will probably point to his gorgeous wife and fellow actor, Kyra Sedgwick, having been married to her for almost three decades.

Celebrating 29 years as man and wife, the gorgeous couple has perhaps, unintentionally, set a gold standard for a successful Hollywood marriage. Though as Bacon’s amusing admission on their 29th anniversary proves, the couple doesn't have any secrets to a successful marriage other than for the fact that they are incredibly boring and down to earth.

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The couple first met when they were filming Lemon Sky in 1987. At the time, a then-22-year-old Sedgwick was very much an up-and-coming actress, while Bacon's career was already in full swing.

Thanks mostly to the runaway success of 1984’s Footloose, Bacon had become accustomed to the life of a Hollywood leading man, but it appeared that Sedgwick wasn't as awestruck as others in her position might have been.

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Talking to Redbook magazine in 2008, she admitted, “He definitely wasn’t my type. In fact, I vividly remember looking at his butt when he walked away after we first met and thinking, ‘Well, I guess some girls like that.’”

However, filming scenes for the movie Lemon Sky were not the first encounter the now-married coupled had with each other. While it was the first time they worked together, the first time they met was when Bacon was performing in a play while a 12-year-old Sedgwick watched on.

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Bacon even revealed to Craig Ferguson when being interviewed on his show that Sedgwick had a crush on him, with her brother apparently saying to her after the play,  ‘You like that actor, go tell him you like him," 

But years on from their first encounter, and with Bacon taking a liking to Sedgwick, she agreed to give him a chance, and in little-to-no time, they soon realized they were destined for each other.

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In fact, on their very first date, the Footloose star asked the actress if she wanted children, and the pair didn't take long to loosen up with each other and just be themselves, and shortly after the first date, they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

But things soon got even more serious. After only one year, Bacon and Sedgwick married, and shortly after the ceremony and honeymoon, Sedgwick was pregnant with their first child, Travis. Three years later, and the couple added daughter Sosie to their family.

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“If someone told me that at 22 I was going to meet the man I was going to marry and at 23 I would marry him and have a child,” Sedwick said to Redbook, “I would have told them they were out of their mind!”

Of course, raising a family while also being two famous actors isn't as easy as most imagine. Not only was the press intrusion high, but filming conflicts meant that they would be apart for long periods, but both supported each other's careers, despite family commitments.

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For instance, when Sedgwick was offered a role in the movie, The Closer in 2005, she had to leave their New York home and film all the scenes in L.A., but instead of talking her into staying home, Bacon encouraged her.

Yet it wouldn't only be filming schedules that would impact on their lives. In a much worse state of affairs, Bacon and his wife became headline news after they were conned out of millions of dollars by serial fraudster Bernie Madoff in 2009, whose Ponzi scheme caused hundreds of his clients to lose millions of dollars, and in some cases, their entire life savings. 

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This then led the actor to film a string of adverts in the UK for a phone provider to claw back a significant portion of his and his wife’s life savings.

Opening up about the experience, the 59-year-old said, “It was a bad day, an absolutely horrible feeling, but you roll up your sleeves and get back to work. There was nothing that I had at that point that my wife and I hadn’t worked very hard for.”

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But with a marriage as strong as Bacon and Sedgwick’s, they stuck together and in September, celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary. It's also been 30 years since they first started dating, and in reference to this amazing feat, the 59-year-old shared his love for his special lady on social media.

In a series of Instagram posts, Bacon offered us a blast into the past by sharing an intimate moment of the couple when they were younger. The photo appears to show a frame, suggesting it has come from their private collection. Captioning the lovely photo, Bacon wrote, “Happy day to my life love." 

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The second photo has similar overtones, showing the younger couple in a loving embrace, though instead of being alone, they are joined by their two late dogs, Tybalt and Jane.

Unsurprisingly, his photos spawned many gushing comments from his 300k+ Instagram followers. “You guys are an inspiration to everyone!” wrote user jdouglas74804. “God bless!” Another wrote, “So happy you prove Hollywood marriages can last."

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In the third and final photo, Bacon shared a screenshot of a text message between the two showcasing the beautiful, everyday mundanity that characterizes most marriages.

Bacon and Sedgwick’s messages concerned a missing carrot that was intended for a meal Sedgwick planned to cook. “It was for the soup,” Sedgwick's message reads before Bacon swiftly attempts to make amends by offering to “run to da store” for another.

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While far from exciting, these simple snapshots prove that a wonderful marriage isn't always about passion and grand declarations of love. It's often the day-to-day things, like eating meals together and saying sorry that determine how well suited you are to each other, and it appears Bacon has mastered this.

Explaining the feeling he still has when around Kyra, Bacon told Good Housekeeping in 2013 that “Being with Kyra is… the easiest aspect of my life. I know that I don’t need a beach or room service to be happy.”

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Sedgwick shared her hubby's sentiments. “Both of our lives are an open book in a way,” she revealed, “because we are so boring. We’ve been married for so long and there are no secrets.”

And even after 30 years together, Kyra believes she is still discovering new things about the love of her life. “I never in a million years thought there would be sides to Kevin that I’m still learning… I’m constantly amazed that we are still surprised and interested in each other.”

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It's a fantastic story when you think how common divorce is in today's society, but in some rare cases, couples do still go the distance, and as Bacon and Sedgwick’s relationship shows, true love in Tinseltown can be as enduring as the many famed romance movies the town has produced.

Now, if this is what Bacon did for their 29th anniversary, we can't wait to see what's in store the following year when they reach their 30th anniversary. 

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On behalf of everyone here at OMG Lane, we wish this gorgeous couple all the best and hope and pray the next 30 years bring them just as much joy. 

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