Justin Bieber Reveals New Face Tattoo

OMG January 3, 2019 By Hugo

Justin Bieber has revealed a new face tattoo to his millions of Instagram followers.

Shutterstock/ Debby Wong

As we all know, tattoos and celebrities pretty much go hand in hand, with Bieber being just one of many tat-loving stars. However, even by his out-there standards, his new face tattoo is something else!

Indeed, rather than avoid the multimillion-dollar face and continue inking other parts of his body, the Canadian hitmaker decided to get a small tattoo just above the left side of his eyebrow in a touching tribute to his wife, Hailey Baldwin.

The pair had only rekindled their romance earlier this year following Justin’s brief reunion with Selena Gomez before they got engaged during a romantic getaway in Barbados. And it now seems their courtship is only getting stronger following the pop star's decision to have the word “Grace” tatted above his eyebrow in tribute to the couple's shared Christian faith. 

Instagram/ Justin Bieber

While not prominent, the tattoo is still visible enough to turn heads, and will almost certainly prove a nightmare to get rid of should the couple part ways.

In a lengthy caption to accompany the revealing photo, Bieber wrote, 

"2018 was a lot of work for me. Both in tattooing and inner work I thought I would never have to face. So many times wanting to give up asking God to take me home. 

"But then I'm reminded what my purpose in this world is through people like you who get tattooed by me and share your life of struggles, anxieties, lost love ones, memories and victories through these little tattoos that have some of the biggest meaning behind them. 

"Thank you. Thank you to my clients who have become some of my best friends. I love you all! Gods grace is sufficient in our weakness and it is by Gods love we here for 2019!"

The artist behind the tattoo is believed to be close friend and famous ink artist, Keith McCurdy.

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