Johnny Depp Cancels Press Conferences After Sporting Worrying Apperance

OMG June 18, 2018 By Hugo

Johnny Depp is thought to have cancelled press conferences after images of his 'gaunt' appearance went viral and caused widespread concern. 

The star was pictured next to a fan in Russia, and it's fair to say that he wasn't looking his usual, handsome self. 


The picture clearly showed a difference in appearance, with the star looking pale and haggard, and most notably of all, incredibly thin. 

However, despite his appearance saying otherwise, the Daily Mail has dismissed all rumors and insist he is in good health. 

Reports of Depp's health were also raised by the media when a German journalist questioned his 'gaunt' appearance. This caused Depp's management to cancel all scheduled press conferences. 

While we can't confirm the rumors, it seems that his highly-publicised divorced with Amber Heard and a lengthy legal battle with his former management team who claim Depp owes them millions of dollars has probably knocked his morale in the last few years.

Nonetheless, Depp hasn't let this hamper his workload, with the star set to appear in five upcoming films, including Richard Says Goodbye, which sees the title character live to the extreme after being diagnosed with a terminal illness which may explain Depp's appearance.

Most likely, Depp's cohort of fans were unaware of his movie role and the process method acting entails. 

For now, though, it seems the A-list actor and Hollywood icon is happy strumming his guitar with The Hollywood Vampires, a supergroup consisting of Depp, glam rocker Alice Cooper and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry.

Speaking to the Guardian about the unique band, Depp said: "My day job is a completely different animal, I suppose. What do I get from this that I normally don't get? I get me!"

But when I'm up there on stage with these guys, it's that feeling I had as a kid. It's freedom. In movies someone is always telling you what to do, but here I have the freedom that my day job doesn't allow. Most important, it's really fucking fun."

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