JJ Abrams To Write & Direct Star Wars IX

Celebs September 13, 2017 By Vincent

Good news for people who like more of the same thing and lens flare because it has been announced that JJ Abrams will once again be helming a Star Wars movie as he lands the directorial role for Episode IX of the long running franchise. 

Abrams was the first director to bring the franchise back to our screens when it was announced that Disney had bought LucasFilm and the subsequent rights to Star Wars from the creator and original director George Lucas and Abrams gave us The Force Awakens. A rehash of the New Hope storyline, the film got a mixed reaction for its nostalgic yet safe feel whilst Abrams managed to sneak in some of his signature traits such as lens flare.

Abrams returns after Colin Trevorrow has dropped out of making Star Wars IX after having 'differing visions' with the studio LucasFilm and so will be bookending the latest trilogy of films in the franchise in what seems like a largely uninspired move. 


Star Wars is the biggest film franchise on Earth with The Force Awakens  being the most successful film of all time and LucasFilm, which is owned by Disney, is very precious over their property and tend to have very strict control over the content and direction of their films and so anything that is out of the ordinary for them tends to get canned. As such, some feel this can stifle creativity or new ideas within the franchise whilst others point to the disastrous Star Wars prequels of the noughties as evidence that this may good practice, either way, they seem to be going through the industries top directors like nobody's business.

What are your thoughts on this turn of events and who do you think should direct the next Star Wars film? Let us know in the comments below.


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