Jared Leto's Joker To Get Stand-alone Movie

Celebs June 6, 2018 By Hugo

When Suicide Squad was released, it was fair to say that critics weren't entirely impressed, but such is DC's global fanbase, the film still made hundreds of millions worldwide and a big part of the movie's success wasn't only down to Margot Robbie's sexy portrayal of Harly Quinn but also the long-awaited return of the Joker following Heath Ledger's iconic performance in The Dark Knight. 

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While Jared Leto's Joker didn't quite have the same level of fanfare, he was still one of the film's main draws, despite only appearing on screen for 15 minutes before dying in a helicopter crash. However, Warner Brothers now look likely to give him more screen time according to Variety.

Commenting on the speculation, the publication wrote, "Sources tell Variety that Leto is set to star and exec produce an untitled standalone film, paving the way for future movies branching from Suicide Squad.

"Plot details are currently unknown, but the studio's idea is to expand on the world created by Suicide Squad and tie into future installments of that property."

It seems more than likely then that the Joker didn't die in a helicopter crash, though fans could instead be treated to a backstory film that chronicles how the infamous villain ended up in Belle Reve Prison, so who knows!

For many fans, a backstory might actually be more welcomed as the films and comics haven't explored the Joker's backstory in much detail. For instance, we still don't know why he turns psychotic and becomes Gotham's most infamous killer.

However, Jerry Robinson, the brains behind the character, seemed to suggest that the character's mystery added a layer of complexity to the compelling character. "I never intended to give a reason for his appearance. We discussed that and Bill [Finger], and I never wanted to change it at that time.

"I thought-and he agreed-that it takes away some of the essential mystery."

Away from Leto's future project, a Suicide Squad sequel appears to be edging closer to production which is great, as I don't know about you guys, but I really think Hollywood could do with more superhero movies!

What are your thoughts on a possible Joker movie? Would it even be any good? Or is it about time we learned why the malevolent character became so twisted?

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