James Corden Could Be Leaving America

Celebs February 9, 2018 By Hugo

Like him or loathe him, James Corden has become wildly successful in recent years, but after being criticized for his poor presenting skills during the Grammy Awards, Americans went straight to social media, begging the British to bring him "back to England".

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While Corden has never been particularly liked in his homeland, he fared much better stateside, with The Late Late Show and its wildly popular Carpool Karaoke segment propelling the British funnyman to A-list status after coming to America as a relatively unknown prospect.

However, it appears Corden might have answered the prayers of many Americans by revealing his intentions to return to England.

Admitting that his parents don't see enough of his three children, Corden appeared adamant that he wouldn't be living in America forever. "I'm almost certain we won't live here for ever," he said when speaking to the Daily Mail's Event magazine. "Right now is the only time since we moved here when I've experienced homesickness.

Corden then hinted that the novelty of living in a Malibu mansion and attaining A-list had worn thin. "For a while it was lovely. For a time, it's great. With young kids it feels like a really great place to live. But then? I don't know. I'm unbelievably conscious that this is all great, amazing.

"But at some point, the phone is going to ring and we're going to feel a million miles away from people who might need us.

"That's what weighs on my mind. The money is lovely, but time with people - that's the only thing that matters."

With that said, Corden might be doing more than just his family a favor. In recent months, the 39-year-old has been proving less popular with American audiences, and he didn't help matters when he made an ill-advised set of jokes about the Harvey Weinstein scandal at a charity event in Los Angeles, leading Rose McGowan to label him a "motherfucking piglet".

There was also that cringe Sean Spicer kiss at the Emmy Awards which critics argued had "normalised Fascism" due to Spicer being the former press secretary of Donald Trump.

What are your views on James Corden? Do you understand the hate? Or do you think he's a great entertainer who has been unfairly judged?

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