12 Incredibly Hot Women Cristiano Ronaldo Has Dated Over The Years

FUN FACTS September 21, 2017 By Hugo

Cristiano Ronaldo divides opinion. To many, he's the anthesis of a gentleman because he is pretty full of himself and has no qualms telling the world how talented and good looking he is. Of course, in rare instances, such unwavering self-belief is justified because of one's ability to back such talk up with exceptional talents, and for hundreds of millions around the globe, Cristiano Ronaldo is that person.

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But who is he? Well, for those who don't follow the sport of soccer, he's arguably the greatest active player in the game and his talents have only been equaled (or bettered) by the magisterial brilliance of the current Barcelona forward, Lionel Messi. 

However, unlike Messi and indeed most other top-level players, Ronaldo has remained single for most of his career and as such, is often labeled one of the world's most eligible bachelors, with a string of beautiful women calling Ronaldo names we probably can't repeat on here. 

Here are 12 of the most beautiful women the soccer superstar has dated over the years.

1. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and her cohort of sisters are widely considered to be amongst the most powerful families in Hollywood, but quite what they do other than bemoan the plight of their own decadent existence is still unknown. Still, they're popular for some reason or other (perhaps it's their looks?) and the charm and beauty of Kim convinced Ronaldo to share a passionate kiss with her.

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Seen together in Spain, the "three-day visit" probably led to much more but the kissing definitely occurred according to Perez Hilton's popular blog.

2. Gemma Atkinson

The third British women to appear on the list is the B-list English actress Gemma Atkinson who dated the soccer maestro when the two were living nearby in the affluent market town of Alderley Edge, Cheshire, which is a short journey away from Manchester United's training ground complex.

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Talking about her time with the soccer player who is now worth an estimated $300m, the capricious blonde sarcastically revealed to one British newspaper that the relationship "Was really, really glamorous. We just went to my house and drank cups of tea and watched Only Fools and Horses. Genuinely."

3. Karina Bacchi

Brazilian women are some of the most desirable in the world, so it seems only right Cristiano reportedly hooked up with this actress who has also modeled for publications as famous as Playboy.

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Now 40-years-old, the blonde bombshell has appeared on countless TV shows in her native Brazil and is thought to have dated the soccer star when he was still at Manchester United in 2007. However, Ronaldo liked Bacchi so much he reverted away from his traditional playboy stereotype and came back for more in 2009 before things finally cooled off. 

4. Irina Shayk

A flawless beauty in every single way, Irina Shayk no doubt possesses an ethereal appearance welded by the Gods which was perhaps enough of a reason (perhaps she has a sweet personality, too?) for the longtime lothario to not only date Shayk but even commit to a serious relationship.

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The world-famous supermodel, who has modeled for some of the biggest brands in the world, was a rock in Cristiano's life for five years, and it was by far his longest relationship, so there was little surprise when his sister explained that the breakup was "like death" for him.

The reason behind the split, however, is all of Ronaldo's doing according to Britain's Sun on Sunday. According to an inside source, the handsome star left Irina heartbroken after admitting during a furious row on New Year's Eve that the messages and phone calls Irina discovered on his phone that had been sent to other women were (obviously) all his. 

Today, Shayk is dating Hollywood star, Bradley Cooper.

5. Imogen Thomas

Making a name for herself on the British version of the reality show, Big Brother, Imogen Thomas is now a successful glamour model and has dated many top-level soccer players over the years, including English striker Jermain Defore and retired Manchester United winger, Ryan Giggs but her supposed fling with Cristiano Ronaldo made the most headlines. 

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That said, according to a spokesperson for the C-list celebrity, she had no intention of meeting him, despite reports that she was so excited to see him she was "doing backflips." 


6. Maria Sharapova

While no confirmed sources can verify claims that these two sporting megastars briefly dated, the Internet has been awash with rumors that they shared a brief courtship following the tennis ace's split from Bulgarian tennis player, Grigor Dimitrov. 

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These rumors were fuelled following Ronaldo's decision to like an Instagram picture of the star shortly after her breakup and Maria followed up the compliment by following the soccer player. 

7. Georgina Rodriguez

Ronaldo's current Spanish girlfriend used to be- until very recently- a nanny working in the British city of Bristol before she encountered Cristiano Ronaldo at a VIP event. In what appears to be love at first sight, the two quickly became besotted with one another, and that's understandable. Just look at the two of them! Who wouldn't want them to be together?


Interestingly, Britain's Sun newspaper even found extracts from words she had written on an online forum catering for au pairs. Part of it read: “My host family is moving to another country and I look forward to find another great family to be part of and share good memories!" 

Something tells us Georgina has given up on her au pair duties....

8. Alice Goodwin

The British glamor model has been strutting her stuff for various men's magazine ever since she was spotted sunbathing in the seaside town of Bournemouth, England and has gone to model for the likes of Maxim, Zoo and the famous British tabloid, The Daily Star. 

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Also making a name for herself on Elite TV, a channel dedicated to beautiful women, Alice Goodwin was one of Ronaldo's first flings in England following his big-money move to Manchester United.

Now married to the ex-Arsenal player Jermaine Pennant, Goodwin was apparently still seeing Ronaldo when Pennant came into her life, though we guess she settled for Jermaine once she realized Ronaldo didn't want to put a ring on it.

9. Paris Hilton

Rising to fame alongside BFF Nicole Ritchie in MTV's 'The Simple Life', Hilton- who also starred in a sex tape- has somehow stayed in the limelight over the years and attaching herself to superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo has no doubt helped.

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However, it was apparently Paris Hilton who ended the relationship with the star, with the blonde bombshell admitting that he was "too feminine." Speak for yourself, Paris!

10. Jasmine Lennard

In a tell-all exclusive with a British tabloid shortly after their brief fling came to an end, British glamour model Jasmine Lennard didn't hold back when it came to dishing the dirt on the athlete.

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Describing him in 2008 as a "multi-millionaire metrosexual mama’s boy," it seems things didn't exactly end well between these two. Lennard also revealed that she was unable to keep up with his incessant texting, which she said would involve up to "15" messages a day and "tantrums" if she didn't reply back.

11. Merche Romero

Merche Romero was one of the soccer player's first love interests having dated Ronaldo in 2005, and most of 2006 and the Portuguese beauty was even pictured playing soccer with the star in his hometown.


However, they never went public with their relationship, and it wasn't until Merche admitted they had broken up in an interview in September 2006 that the press entirely caught wind of their romantic history. 

12. Bipasha Basu

Italian, Spanish, America, British… Name the nationality and Ronaldo will most likely have dated at least one women from there and he proved this way back in 2007 when he played the role of homewrecker by getting with the Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu- despite her being in a high-profile relationship with fellow Bollywood actor John Abraham.


The news came as somewhat of a shock to fans of the Bollywood couple, and Ronaldo wasn't exactly popular over there for pulling them apart, but we're sure the soccer ace didn't care one bit.

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