10 Incredible Actors Who Have Never Been Nominated By The Academy

FUN FACTS October 5, 2017 By Hugo

Beleive it or not, these great actors have never been nominated for an Oscar, which is baffling. After all, they are accomplished performers with impressive oeuvres, and we can only presume that they have been overlooked because their careers became more synonymous with their fame and celebrity than their acting talents.

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That said, only Academy voters can give you a valid explanation as to why neither of these performers has been nominated, so all we at OMG Lane can do is list ten great actors whose performances over the years have been more than deserving of that much coveted Oscar nomination. 

1. Jim Carrey

Everyone loves Jim Carrey's effervescent performances. He's what a Hollywood performer should be: confident, daring, funny, handsome, wild, unpredictable. In sum, he's a naturally talented performer who we suspect, for continually choosing roles that have made millions convulse with laughter has unknowingly put off Academy members from nominating him.

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After all, when you fail to receive a nomination in 2004, despite delivering a spellbinding performance in Charlie Kaufman's gut-wrenching romance, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, not to mention his equally as depressing role as Harry Truman in 1998's The Truman Show, you can hazard a guess a litany of popcorn flicks are to blame.

2. Richard Gere

A Ladies Man if ever there was one, Richard Gere has won the hearts of many women over the years, but hearts of Academy members appear harder to attain, with Gere's performances in films as well-received as Internal Affairs still not enough to get him that all-illusive nomination.

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Whether it was merely the stiff competition over the years or his decision to star in a plethora of romcoms, Gere would do well to find a movie that could give him the same recognition that similar actors like George Clooney have enjoyed in recent years. 

3. Alan Rickman

Playing to the stereotype that all British actors make good villains, the late actor made a career out of playing revered and mean-spirited men, which makes you wonder what the Academy thought when they continually overlooked his performances.


Known worldwide for his portrayal of feared educator Snape in the Harry Potter movies, Rickman first hit the big time in Die Hard playing the arriviste Hans Gruber, played with such wit and grace you wonder if the Academy were smoking something when the nominees for Best Supporting Actor were announced without his name attached in 1988. 

4. Hugh Grant

The affable British actor has a way of drawing in spectacular box offices returns for movies pretty much spawned from the same Richard Curtis' script but with slightly nuanced dialogue. But people love those movies, with Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill some of the most successful romcoms of all time.

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Yet the Academy isn't too interested in movies like those, even if they are done well, which may explain why the Oxford-educated actor wasn't recognised for his most recent role alongside Meryl Streep (who, of course, was) in the brilliant and more Oscar-friendly film, Florence Foster Jenkins. 

5. Marilyn Monroe

Sex symbol, icon, and Hollywood superstar. Marilyn Monroe is one of the most recognizable faces of all time, and her enduring legacy continues to attract new fans years after her death. 

Staying away from the fact that she was initially used in Hollywood as a cute blonde, Monroe was a gifted actress and showcased that on many occasions,  most notably in 1958 film, Some Like It Hot.

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Though with only Jack Lemmon receiving a nomination in a film full of terrific performances, Monroe's best chance at a nomination passed her by which was a great shame, especially when you consider that Monroe was one of the first actresses in Hollywood to tackle the gender pay gap by setting up her own production company in 1954.

6. Meg Ryan

Anyone who's ever seen When Harry Met Sally or You've Got Mail will have a special place in their heart for Meg Ryan, but as we all know, said movies don't exactly pander to an Oscar-bait applause. But that's not to say Ryan hasn't given it her all in those roles, and we defy anyone not to cry at the end when she embraces Billy Crystal.

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Alas, just like the rip-roaring performances of Jim Carrey, it seems Ryan's ability to turn on her A-game at the drop of a hat will likely go unrecognised by Academy members for some time.

7. Mia Farrow

It's almost unthinkable that the great Mia Farrow hasn't won a golden statue, let alone been nominated but as is the way with the Academy, their decisions are often ill-informed at the best of times, and Farrow's plethora of great roles over the years is an example of that. 

Even after her riveting turn as Satan's mother in Rosemary's Baby, Academy members didn't deem her nomination-worthy.


A great shame indeed when you consider Farrow is arguably the most talented actress in Hollywood history not to be nominated, and at 72 and with her last acting credit coming in 2011, it is increasingly unlikely she will act again.

8. Kevin Bacon

One of the leading lights of the famed 1980s Brat Pack, Bacon's career failed to fulfil its initial promise, and his career has long stood on the precipice of A-list fame, which is a shame considering that his career suggested it was on course for stratospheric heights following his impressive performance in Footloose.

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With that said, Kevin hasn't been starved for roles over the years, and he has still managed to make a career as a leading man, with his raw role in The Woodsman, a film about a recently released sexual predator proof that his talents as an actor should never be doubted.

9. Brigitte Bardot

Writing an article for Life Magazine in 1958 entitled, "The Charged Charms of Brigette," the journalist famously commented on Bardot that. "Not since the Statue of Liberty has a French girl lit such fires in America." Yes, the original blonde bombshell was one of Hollywood's first foreign icons and her ethereal beauty led to a string of movie roles throughout the 50s and 60s before her premature retirement from the business at 39.

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Concerning her performances, if we had to choose one it would be for her role in Contempt, though rarely has an actor or actress won an Academy Award for a foreign movie so that may go some way to explaining such a glaring omission.

10. John Cusack

While starring in Academy-recognized films like Bullets over Broadway and Being John Malkovich, Cusack’s slightly out-there protagonists have never seemed to endear the Academy as much as the movies themselves.

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It's a shame, though as with the right role, his career could have gone in a similar direction to Michael Keaton's, an actor with newfound artistic merit since his Oscar-nominated performance in Birdman.

Unfortunately for Cusack, he is currently at a career-low, with his latest film Arsenal being a straight-to-DVD movie co-starring Entourage's Adrien Greiner. 

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