Husky Entertains Baby Twins And It's Absolutely Adorable

OMG September 12, 2017 By Hugo

Dogs are many things, and as Juno the Husky proved, they also make great babysitters.

In this ridiculously cute video, the fluffy doggo is recorded playing with twins Hailey and Kaylee, both of whom seem to be loving the attention.


What's more, Juno appears a natural babysitter, and she even rolls over on her belly, much to the squealed delights of the twins!

It makes for a beautiful video and shows us just how loyal and loving our canine companions are, with Juno caring for Hailey and Kaylee as though they were her own.

Of course, some parents may have reservations at letting their babies near dogs like Juno, but if trained right, dogs can be just as maternal as humans. 

So if you spend enough time with your dog and teach it how to behave around other animals and younger children, you'll likely find yourself the owner of a dog as brilliant as Juno.

What are your thoughts on this video? Do you think it's right that Juno is allowed near the twins, or would you not be as trusting?

Whatever your thoughts, watch the full video below and let us know in the comment section.


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