Hollywood's Shortest Ladies

FUN FACTS July 25, 2017 By Hugo

Many attributes define beauty, and being tall is certainly one of them because it signals strength and stature and makes you look even better in skinny jeans.

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However, not everyone possesses a pair of supermodel's legs (ugh), and these female celebrities, despite their prepossessing facial features and impressive talents, are no different.

Here are 10 of Hollywood's shortest ladies.

 1. Hayden Panettiere- 5'0"

Hayden Panettiere has graced our screens on many occasions, with her latest leading role in the long-running series Nashville cementing her reputation as one of America's finest TV actresses. 

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Thanks to various camera tricks, however, you rarely see her full frame on display, so not many people are aware of her miniature 5'0" height unless they've seen pictures of her alongside her heavyweight champion boxing husband, Wladimir Klitschko, who stands at a mighty 6'7". 

2. Vanessa Hudgens- 5'1"

The High School Musical actress may not have done much since her days playing Zac Efron's love interest, but that hasn't stopped her becoming an A-list name in Hollywood, though quite what she does other than making news for her constant stream of boyfriend's is anybody's guess.


Anyway, because of her 5'1" height, Hudgens looks small with most dudes, and at this moment in time, she is dating the lanky Austin Butler, whose 6'"0 height makes Hudgens appear smaller than she already is. 

3. Kelly Clarkson- 5'3"

Kelly Clarkson can hit almost any note well because she's got a natural talent unrivalled by few others in the industry, but she's incredibly small, proving that even the likes of Clarkson can't be perfect!

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Standing at 5'3", the American Idol winner is married to talent manager Brandon Blackstock, who is unsurprisingly taller than her.

4. Anna Kendrick- 5'1"

Anna Kendrick has a voice of an angel, as she proved in Pitch Perfect, which almost seems unfair once you consider that singing isn't even her primary profession.

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But the actress, just like Clarkson, isn't perfect, at least not according to modern-day society's shallow definition of beauty because instead of being a 5'10" leggy blonde she stands at a petite 5'1". 

5. Ariana Grande- 5'1" 

Many still have trouble believing that Ariana Grande is 24 as opposed to 12, such is her diminutive height and baby face. Of course, in public outings, you're probably used to seeing her in heels, but even then she won't look an inch above 5'5". 

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Yet where she lacks in height she makes up for by possessing a massive set of vocal chords, the likes of which are so awe-inspiring to listen to you sometimes wonder if Ariana was a gift sent from heaven.

6. Beyonce- 5'4"

She's wowed just about everyone on Earth with her performances over the years ever since she came to prominence as the standout star in the girl band, Destiny's Child. Yes, Bey is the real deal and has been teaching artists how it's done for years, even if the stages she performs on make her appear like a tiny dot. 

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But that's no matter for Queen Bey because her natural swagger on stage more than makes up for her small figure, which is rumoured to be just 5ft 4 inches.

7. Lady Gaga- 5'1"

Lady Gaga may appear to be of a taller disposition, but in reality, she's just wearing high heels hidden by an assortment of colourful dresses.


In fact, the fashion icon and pop superstar is only 5'1" and as she never wears flats, it's not surprising that few have cottoned onto her actual height.

8. Lil' Kim- 4'11"

For a gangster rapper, you'd imagine that Lil' Kim would be a more imposing figure.

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Yet that's hard to achieve when you're only 4'11", but we wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of her, so we doubt her small height has made people any less afraid of her. 

9. Snooki- 4'8"

The shortest on our list by a country mile is the Jersey Shore star and lover of every fake tanning product going. Yes, Snooki, the loud-mouthed and obnoxious reality tv star is tiny. And by tiny, we mean, really, really, really, tiny.

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Coming in at only 4'8", you'd definitely have to diagnose this woman with angry small women syndrome.

10. Kylie Minogue -5'0"

While she may not be a household name Stateside, across the pond and in her native Australia and indeed many other parts of the world the pop star is a huge deal ever since she forged a singing career after starting out on the Australian daytime tv soap opera, Neighbours. 

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With all this information, you probably won't be surprised to know that she's only 5'0" because it seems every major female pop star is well below average height (Taylor Swift excluded).

Note to self: have loads of small children and teach them to sing.

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