Hit TV Series Peaky Blinders Could Be Given The Movie Treatment

Celebs May 14, 2018 By Hugo

A Peaky Blinders movie may be made after the tv series has finished according to the show's writer, Steven Knight. 

Despite season 4's rip-roaring finale still fresh in viewer's minds, writer Steven Knight believes a possible movie adaptation could be released before the tv series concludes.

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"I've wanted to end it with the first air raid siren in 1939. It will take three series to get there," he said, in reference to how many series there will be, before adding, "We've been approached to do all kinds of things: a ballet, a musical. A movie would be great but I don't want to do it at the end. Maybe between series."

Famed for its gritty, louche portrayal of real-life gangsters, Knight also hinted at last night's British TV Bafta awards that some very big cameos are expected for season 5.

"There are a few [big names] in series five," he revealed, though he was keen to state that the cameos won't be a litany of famous faces. "Too many famous people would swamp it, but if there's a role they are interested in, we'll consider it." 

Deadline only recently broke the news that Anthony Byrne will be the director for all six episodes of season 5, which is in keeping with the previous seasons, which saw the likes of David Caffrey, Tim Mielants and Colm McCarthy take full reign.

Byrne's directing credits are largely the preserve of British television, but American audiences can be rest assured that a series as brilliant as Peaky Blinders will only get better.

What is your favorite British tv series? Is it Peaky Blinders? Or are you more of a Downtown Abbey kind of person?

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