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15 Hipsters Who Tried Too Hard

LOL October 4, 2016 By Hugo

Everyone has an opinion on hipsters. If you're an academic from the 70s, then you'll probably despise them for stealing your style and turning it into a walking monstrosity no doubt witnessed in the many independent coffee shops that engulf the far-flung neighbourhoods of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. On the other hand, you might respect them for being original and inventive and not giving a rat's ass what anyone thinks.

With that in mind, we thought we'd shed further light on the growing trend and leave you to assess whether or not their style is any good. In our minds at least, it's a style that could do with dying a slow and agonising death. 

Here are 20 hipsters who went viral for trying too hard. 

1. When Lenny Kravitz sported a carpet around his neck


We admit it: Lenny Kravitz is one cool dude, but that still doesn't excuse that 'scarf.' The 'I'm being eaten by a fashion-conscious python' is never a good look, Lenny. 

2. When a hipster/Amish dude rode a camel in downtown New York 


If you still can't afford that Toyota Prius you've seemingly saved up years for after endless shifts in Whole Foods, then you can always import a camel from Egypt. We hear they're a lot cheaper. 

3. When two things go hand-in-hand


There are two types of hipsters. The first being the ones who purchase the latest Macbook and sit in a coffee shop all day pretending to look studious and those who park their penny-farthing outside an Apple shop.

4. The dude who domesticated a crab


In all fairness, this guy probably has no clue what a hipster even is, but when you decide to adopt a crab as a pet, he probably wouldn't feel uncomfortable debating Bernie Sander's education policies while eating a cinnamon flavoured pear.

5. When a hipster turned a fence into a bicycle


Coming to a city near you (if you have a beard, and have a fondness of organic kale). 

6.  When a hipster discovered the aesthetic beauty of an obsidian black typewriter


Writing the Great American Novel on a Macbook is so last year.

7. When a hipster modelled a mini beanie hat on his ear


Okay, that's an excellent idea. Hipster 1-0 OMG Lane.

8. When a hipster broke the internet by wearing a retro Gameboy as a necklace

This poor dude went viral for all the wrong reasons when a YouTube parody entitled 'Being a Dickhead's Cool' featured him in the video. I suppose you could say he was asking for it, though... Gameboy necklaces are so last Tuesday....

9. When a hipster decided iPods were the death of modern music


There's only so much Bombay Bicycle Club a hipster can take before they ditch the iPod and start bringing a portable record player wherever they go (including Tinder dates). 

10. When a company cottoned onto the wants and needs of the hipster


Believe it or not, many hipsters are creatives who want to look edgy and original and one such company which exploited that truism was the aptly named website 'tooyoungtoremembervhs.com.'

11. The hipster who thought it would be a good idea to purchase a pet llama


Clearly, this isn't in America, which can only leave us in a hot sweat of fear that the hipster is well and truly a global force. The llama's somewhat cute, though. 

12. The hipster who got a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses tattooed onto his face



Some have since said it was a publicity stunt. We say it was a hipster being a hipster. 

13. When a hipster was reincarnated as John Lennon


While a peacoat, skinny jeans and a white pair of jeans isn't the worst of looks, sporting a circa Woodstock hairstyle is bound to attract criticism, unless of course it really is John Lennon. In that case, being a hipster never looked so good. 

14. When a hipster decorated his beard with Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans 


Dear god.....

15. When a hipster thought an antique spyglass was cooler than a regular set of binoculars


If ever there was a reason to find the middle-aged hipster annoying, then this photo will serve you well. 

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