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15 Hilarious Wildlife Photos Guaranteed to Make You Chuckle

LOL October 10, 2016 By Vincent

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are a prize set up to promote and fund conservation projects via funny photography of nature in a less than graceful state. This makes for a comic reprieve from the many art and photography prizes of nature and wildlife aimed at trying to capture its beauty and majesty but rather, has a comic air about it. Here we look at some of the best, and funniest photos, these awards have to offer including this friendly fella' having a chuckle to himself taken by Julie Hunt.


1. Hi There!

This happy looking mountain hare appears to be aware of the photographer waiting for them in the Cairngorms in Scotland and raises a friendly paw in greeting just ready to be snapped. Photographer Andy Howard apparently had to wait for hours before he could get this shot but it was definitely worth it for such a cheery wave.



Obviously, the hare is just happy to see you.

2. Off Their Heads

These two penguins were captured simultaneously preening themselves as they bent back to sort out some out of place feathers. Maybe they had both spotted the camera and just wanted to look their best for the adoring public but it does rather look like this shot, taken by Charles Kinsey in South Georgia, shows us two decapitated birds.


Competing for attention, both the birds are clearly good at gymnastics.

3. Forgetful Meerkat

This forgetful furry little meerkat appears to have just remembered that they have left the oven on at home and now have to call off a very important engagement just to make sure everything at home is fine. It's not ideal but better to be safe rather than sorry but it is a pain you didn't remember in the first place.


Taken in Little Karoo, South Africa by Brigitta Moser.

4. No Peeking!

These playful jungle babbler birds were photographed in Bharatpur, Rajasthan in India as they one tries to cover the others view. Obviously trying to take all the glory of being in a prestigious photography competition for themselves, they wanted to block out their friend's face but it is the other who steals the glory as they peak out from behind the wing.


Perhaps there is something saucy going on that they do not want their companion to see. We will never know.

5. Sticky Situation

Well, that's unfortunate, isn't it? The look on this poor buffalo's face says it all as well as he grumpily has to put up with his lot. Taken by Tom Stables in Meru national park, Kenya, this perfectly timed shot just shows disgruntled despair in all its hilarious glory as the buffalo knows he can do nothing to his winged tormentor.


The bird seems unfazed by the whole incident perhaps even unaware it is on top of a living animal.

6. Dancing With Fire

These two fire ants, also known as weaver ants, are seen dancing together in a shot taken by Usman Priyona in Bata, Indonesia. Taken by the rhythm of the music they are hearing they just grabbed one another in a fit of passion and started swing each other around in their arms. Their favorite artist? Adam Ant of course!


Maybe they are not actually dancing but we'd rather think they were.

7. Two Heads AreBetter Than One

Rhinos are rare at the best of times so a two headed one must be super rare. What is actually happening is two rhinos organize themselves back to back in defense formation in Laikipia, Kenya probably so they can graze and feel a little safer or they feel threatened by something nearby, hopefully not the person taking the picture otherwise they might be in trouble.


The brave soul who got this close to these mighty beasts was George Dian.

8. Smile For The Camera

This owl clearly loves the lens as it happily shows off its winning smile for the camera. A snowy owl that is very content with life, this shot was taken by Edward Kopeschny in Ontario, Canada. They say never work with children or animals but this feathered friend seems a delightful client who is only too happy to pose.


Mind you, we all have that one photo of ourselves that we really, really love.

9. What's That Over There?

These bighorn rams may look as though they are discussing what is over on the horizon by these are actually part of their exhibiting displays during rutting season as they try to intimidate one another. Or perhaps, one is genuinely lost and just asking for directions and the other is providing a helpful hand...or hoof.


This photo was taken in  Montana, USA by Patricia Bauchman.

10. Proud and Noble

What is going through the mind of this colorful reptile? Are they about to thrash out some heavy metal tunes on their mighty air guitar or are they going into battle with their valiant twig sword? The power stance says so much yet so little and we are left to wonder just what might happen next in this intriguing photo.


The shot was taken by Anup Deodhar

11. Happy Chappy!

Another extremely happy animal who doesn't mind having their photo taken, this gleeful frog was caught grinning in Russia by Artyom Krivosheev and is clearly having a great time swimming around and showing off for his picture just going to show that exercise is clearly good for you and does make you feel happier.


Maybe he just saw someone he wanted to talk to.

12. Banjo-Kazooie

This bear may be trying to recreate his favorite 90s video game characters in Banjo-Kazooie or maybe he has been struck by divine intervention and come over all angelic either way, we reckon it might have something to do with the bird sitting just behind the bigger beast's head as he pops out of the water whilst hunting for fish.


The bemused look, captured by photographer Adam Parsons, makes it all the better.

13. A Little Bit Stuck

As this fox has tried to pounce on some prey moving beneath the thick layer of snow, they have landed themselves head first into an awkward situation looking more like a launched fox torpedo than a deadly predator as just their legs jut out from the white canvas they are hunting beneath. Perhaps, they just lost their car keys and are on the lookout for them.


Captured by Angela Bohlke, maybe the fox just prefers pretending to be an ostrich.

14. Don't Wake Mom

This little polar seems to be sending a greeting whilst warning not to wake mom, who has taken a few moments to catch a nap whilst little one is playing with their new friend, Philip Marazzi who caught this adorable shot, and maybe she needs a hard earned rest if the little one is boisterous.


We doubt you'd want to get too close because if mom does wake up, we suspect she'd be a little grumpy.

15. Squad Goals

This owl squad seems to be backing their main man who is looking you squarely in the eye and sizing you up. Wouldn't want to mess with these owls as they look like trouble makers. We're sure they're good little birds really that help their parents with the groceries and work hard at school. They're just having fun.


This group photo was taken by Mario Gustavo Fiorucci.

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